Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Kevin Hart: What Now? Review--No really, what now?

Kevin Hart: What Now? Review
Your enjoyment of "Kevin Hart: What Now?" will be based entirely on what you think of him. If you find Kevin Hart's comedic style tedium and annoying, I should warn you to not get near this one. If you like Kevin Hart's personality, then should be right up your alley. This really isn't a movie per se, this is a DVD of one of Kevin Hart's stand-up performances accompanied by a short film. I will say that I found both the short film and the stand-up routine to be very funny. I do enjoy Hart's stand-up. My fiancee and I have one of Kevin Hart's comedian DVD's and it is good for laughs. This is a feature length version of one of those.

The short film before is a James Bond style, "Casino Royale" riff. Kevin Hart and Halle Money (Halle Berry) are trying to win money in a poker game against a sinister European business man. The scene features several cameos, including Don Cheadle, Eric Helms and Peter Mensah. There are several jokes targeting Don Cheadle's entire filmography. While there is some funny material, it feels kind of distant from the stand-up routine. I am sure Hart just wanted to have some fun, and make this more of an event so he could sell it at theaters. But its really confusing as to how this really connects to the stand-up part of the film. If you want to see a bunch of good actors reenact a James Bond short film, then you'll come away liking the scene.

No matter what though, if you enjoy Kevin Hart as a comedic icon, then I'd say go check out this movie. There is enough good material from the stand-up that will make you laugh until you hurt. Hart's manic personality is on full force here, and it should please his fans. The short film is fun too, even if it comes of disjointed from the rest of the film.



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