Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Cars 3 Trailer

Out of all the Pixar studios franchises that they have graced us over the years, I have always thought that "Cars" was their lesser franchise. I just never got much out of it. I prefer just about any other Pixar movie in existence either of the "Cars" movies. They just don't have the same appeal I feel the other Pixar movies have. I think they are fluffy entertainment instead of a presentation of something that appeals to every person in the theater. When Pixar hits a home run, its because they have created something that can appeal to the masses, they aren't just making movies for children and things adults have to tolerate. Each movie in the "Cars" franchise so far hasn't really connected to the other and they both seem to have their own styles and feel like different movies altogether. Its kind of an odd franchise in that regard.

"Cars 3" seems to be different. It seems more rigid than the last two movies. It seems more realistic, either that or animation has got much better over the years. Again, this looks like a completely different style of film that we are used to and it doesn't seem like this will have much in common with either "Cars" and definitely "Cars 2." I am willing to look into more on this one. This was interesting!

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