Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Who Played It Best? Frederick Loren/Stephen Price

Who Played It Best? Frederick Loren/Stephen Price
"House on Haunted Hill" is a fun little horror movie. It was one of the first spooky haunted house movies (not because of the title) and it set the template for the slasher movie. But, the secret weapon to the film was that it was full of twists and turns. Those twists and turns still hold up, even though the film was made in 1959. The film starred Vincent Price, who was the actor at the time that was in every kind of horror film under the sun at the time. He was the bogeyman of his generation. Its a fun movie that I love watching each year around this time. Its not a movie I'd ever suspect would ever get remade. But it was a film that certainly was remade in 1999. The remake kept the original name, but Geoffrey Rush ended up playing a character named Stephen Price, which was basically Vincent Price's character, Frederick Loren, just with a different name. Perhaps to honor Vincent Price. My question for tonight is, who played the character best?

My Two Cents
Like I said above, Vincent Price was the bogeyman of his generation, and he got quite good at playing these creepy characters. Sure, you can say that he essentially became a typecast actor, but he was damn good at it. He brought a brilliant, smug and believable life to Frederick Loren. We believed that he was snarky rich man, but that he had something sinister under his sleeve, that he was hiding something evil under that smile of his. Its a masterful performance, one of my favorite in all of horror movies. So I have a particular bias when it comes to Vincent Price's work here. While I think Geoffrey Rush did good work here, he doesn't begin to compare to the work done by Vincent Price. Ergo, for me, its no competition. Price gets the edge.

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