Sunday, October 16, 2016

Who Played It Best? Count Dracula (Which actor over the years has done the best as our favorite vampire?)

Who Played It Best? Count Dracula
Count Dracula has been a character in pop culture canon and he will live forever in it. How did such a character become so popular? Perhaps he was the first vampire to have real character, that's definitely a huge factor. Another factor is that many artists over the years have created his story, recreated his story, expanded upon the character, reimagined the character, all of this has added to the characters dominance. Count Dracula has been around in our popular culture for so long that several actors have portrayed the character. Bela Lugosi is no doubt, the actor who made the character most popular. But Max Shreck before Lugosi was the fan favorite, and for starring in a silent movie, he was quite horrifying. It seems as the years wore on, the character got more colorful and more gruesome, and I am sitting here today wondering if there is somebody who did it best?

My Two Cents
There have been lots of actors who have stepped up to the plate to play this character, and it seems like an almost impossible task to really pick a winner. I will say that I would rank a certain number of actors who portrayed the character in a certain light and made their presentation of the character memorable. Those actors are 1. Bela Lugosi 2. Max Shreck 3. Christopher Lee 4. Gary Oldman and 5. Klause Kinski. There is also performances by Gerald Butler and Luke Evans and the short-lived television version played by Jonathon Rhys-Meyers for the more recent portrayals. But I believe those five that I ranked really put the character on a new pedestal, they made the character completely their own and they are the versions we will discuss the most in the future. I can see any of those five winning the contest. Since so many actors have played the character, don't forget to write someone in if you think I missed them.

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