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Last week, a couple big things happened on "Ash vs The Evil Dead." First of all, Ash's beloved car, The Delta, was possessed by the Book of the Dead, which took the lives of some college kids looking for a thrill stealing the car. Second of all, Ash's father, Brock is killed by Ash's possessed car. That killed me. I loved seeing Lee Majors and Bruce Campbell bounce off of each other onscreen. Lee Majors' character was such a stunning, well-received character and they killed him off after only three episodes. I wanted to see their relationship grow and nurture. But as episode four opened, we saw Ash sort-of "mourning" over his dead father's body. Just as Ash says his final farewell to his dead father, his still possessed Delta drives off.

Inside the Delta is the last college red shirt still surviving Delta going all "Christine" on her friends. But also in the car is Pablo. He makes it into the car to try and stop it. He wants to get the Book of the Dead out of the car to end the possession. Surprisingly, this subplot takes up a decent segment of tonight's episode. It was something I did not expect, but something I enjoyed seeing. Ray Santiago has been excellent on this show, but he's always been a supporting character. Here, he steps up and fleshes out Pablo in some minor key notes. I was about to rant to all Holy Hell when the episode tried to sell the idea that Pablo dies. But it turns out that he has a vision of the Delta killing him and not something that actually happens. Pablo is also inarguable in getting the Delta out of its possession near the end of the episode. The Book of the Dead talks to Pablo and gives it a special word to end the chaos. The question that still remains was, why did the book talk to Pablo? Hopefully we find that out later in the season.

The ending of the episode? Well, it was Ash and Pablo versus his possessed car. In standard "Ash vs Evil Dead" fashion, it was quite crazy! It also seems like Ted Raimi's character from last week may become someone we see on a regular basis. If this is true, then I am all for it. There is some funny material in this episode when Ash is chasing his car to save Pablo. He has Ted's character in the car and they believe  that they are going to strip club. There are some very funny moments in this quick scene and Ted sells each of his lines. He takes Ash's news well, that he's a demon hunter and is trying to find The Book of the Dead. Who wouldn't, honestly?

There was also an interesting subplot involving Kelly and Ruby. They create an interesting yet uneasy alliance as Kelly helps Ruby find one of her demons and destroys it. I really would enjoy seeing a few episodes of Kelly and Ruby going off on their own and doing some independent demon-killing. They work well together and its fun to see some good, old-fashioned girl power on this show. I hope to see more.

It was another wacky episode full of mayhem. But the icing on the cake was the song from the old "Great White North" show featuring Bob and Doug McKenzie. If you don't know what that means, seek it out on YouTube or check out a movie called "Strange Brew." Nice touch, nice touch indeed.

What did everyone else think?

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