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After last week, Ash got the Book of the Dead, he only had to fight off an evil Deadit and literally get his head shoved up its ass in order to win the day, but he got it. He put the the book in his classic Oldsmobile, only to have the car stolen at the end of last episode. It turns out in this episode, we find out that a bunch of weed-buzzing college kids stole Ash's car. In order to get his prized car back and the Book of the Dead back to its rightful owner, Ash comes up with a plan to lure the thieves to his favorite bar.

He's going to throw an obnoxious kegger, and see if the thieves show up so he can get his car back.

It leads to a hilarious episode of Ash, Pablo and Kelly trying to navigate through this party and hopefully find Ash's cherished car. This episode also sets up a really good guest appearance by Ted Raimi. Ted Raimi is the younger brother of Sam Raimi, who directed the "Evil Dead" movies and gave birth to our favorite hero, Ash. In this episode, Sam plays a bartender who makes a very colorful, but ultimately distasteful drink for the partygoers to enjoy. The drink was called "Pink Fuck," and it was mighty powerful. (Yes, you read that right, the drink was called "Pink Fuck.") Ted and Bruce Campbell have always bounced off of each other very well, and this was an outstanding opportunity to watch the two of them work together. Ted Raimi does really good work here, and even has some unsuspecting human moments with both Kelly and Pablo, something I wouldn't have expected from this episode. 

Lee Majors character Brock shows up again and I continue to look forward to Lee Majors' father character butting heads with Ash. It leads to some tremendous acting and even more tremendous laughs. Throughout the party, Brock is hitting on several women, and he is about to take one young girl home. The only problem is she turns out to be a Deadite, which leads to one of the big action set pieces of the episode. In typical "Ash vs. Evil Dead," fashion, it is nice and bloody. What I didn't expect to have happen was Brock to not survive the encounter. In typical, gory fashion, they gave Brock a delirious death sequence, but I feel Brock's exit came way too soon. Brock was about to reveal the family secret he's kept for the first two episodes and now its left us wonder if and when we will ever figure it out. How could they drop Brock like that? Why would they ramp up this family secret only for it not to be learned? But alas, this is "Ash vs. The Evil Dead" after all, there has to be some kind of supernatural way for Brock to return to the show right? They wouldn't just leave that plot thread hanging, right?

The subplot of the episode was the fate of the people who stole the Oldsmobile and it turns out that one of the college kids who stole the Oldsmobile accidentally read from the Book of the Dead, which turned Ash's beloved car into a killing machine. You can think "Christine," but a try to imagine a much more brutal, more animated Christine and you may get the point. One of the college kids lost their genitals and there was no shortage of interesting ways to kill off the young red shirts. All with manic glee.

It was another gleefully sick episode of "Ash vs. The Evil Dead." I hope we haven't seen the last of Brock. I hope we haven't seen the last of Ted Raimi. I was quite happy when I learned that, after a full first season of naysaying, it seems "Army of Darkness" is indeed in the canon of this storyline and that's pretty cool. I will be awaiting once more until next week to see what happens next.

What did everyone else think?

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