Sunday, October 2, 2016

Couch Potato

What is Couch Potato?

A way of expanding my brand of profound and outspoken opinions on popular culture.

A bigger answer to that question is a new video branch of this blog that focuses on TV. I have decided to take it to YouTube to discuss all things television. Since I don't think I'll have the time to write ALL my thoughts on both movies and TV at the same time, I have decided that I will be getting my opinions on TV out there in video format. It will give me the opportunity to really dig deep in the small screen texts without having to be confined at my computer. Plus, the way I have set up the show, I can freely watch shows and then create one big video about all that I have watched.

Essentially, Couch Potato will be a review show. I will talk about shows I am watching. I will talk about what I like about them, what I dislike, what I feel could be done better if anything at all. I am going to try to make it fun for the viewers. It will basically be a video and TV version of everything I do here on this blog.

This all started when I got engaged. I thought up a group of friends that I wanted to ask to be my groomsman and I was trying to think of clever ways to ask my friends to be in my wedding. I thought of Mission: Impossible and thought it would be clever and funny to design something of a mission briefing. I took to Microsoft MovieMaker and designed four separate, specialized videos to ask my friends. I had so much fun making these videos that I thought I would tie into my blog somehow. Since I have slowly been discussing TV as of late, I thought this could be the perfect opportunity to expand this more and try and reach a new audience. And don't worry my in-depth reviews of TV shows that I already write here are not going away.

Because it was made on Microsoft MovieMaker and I am still trying to figure out how to use it, this video may not look the best, but I hope its the content of the video and not all the extras you pay attention to and I hope to make these look better and cooler as I move along. You can expect a new edition of Couch Potato every week.

Will I make videos pertaining to movies? Yes, I have some unique ideas and I am figuring those out as we speak. For right now, any thoughts, comments and constructive criticisms for Couch Potato are more than welcome.

This week, I discuss none other than Netflix's Luke Cage.

I hope you enjoy. Subscribe to my page, and spread the word!

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