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Who Played It Best? Lois Lane

Who Played It Best?

Lois Lane
Margot Kidder- 70's Superman Movies

Lois Lane has appeared in several forms of media, just as her longtime love interest Superman. We have seen her countless times on TV and we have seen her countless times in movies. Its interesting because it seems we have seen her in many different forms as well. Sometimes. she is a damsel in distress. Other times she is a hardcore journalist who has no problem taking care of herself. Sometimes, she is a little bit of both, somewhere in between. This maybe a little tight to judge when trying to pinpoint which actress played her best.

Amy Adams- DC Extended Universe

Trying to get all the actresses together for one poll who have played Lois Lane would turn out to be tough. If we are talking the greater history of the character, there have been an avalanche of actresses. In both TV and movies. I also don't know whether you want to include voice actors, or actresses who played the character in a parody. There have been plenty of actresses, and for the first time in this "Who Played It Best?" poll, I will allow write-ins during voting.

Kate Bosworth- "Superman Returns"

For tonight, we will focus on the top portrayals that I can possibly think of. I know Margot Ladder played the character in the Christopher Reeve "Superman" movies. I know Amy Adams played the character in "Man of Steel" and "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice." I am pretty sure we will see much more of her in the future. I know Kate Bosworth had a one-movie stint in 2006 in "Superman Returns." On the TV side of things, I grew up with Teri Hatcher playing the character on "Lois and Clarke: The Adventures of Superman." Finally, there is Erica Durance on "Smallville." Again, these actresses represent a wide range of versions of Lois Lane, but who played the character best?

Erica Durance- Smallville

My Two Cents
This is a loaded question, because these are some good actresses. I will say upfront that I never watched a single episode of "Smallville," so I can say next to nothing about Erica Durance's work. As I said above, I grew up watching "Lois and Clark," so there is definitely some sentimental value to Hatcher's work. But its more than that, Hatcher played the character for five years. That's a long time playing a vintage style version of the character. This felt like the Lois Lane that I read in the comics, and watched in the cartoons, so Hatcher's work feels the most authentic. As a close second, I'd say Amy Adams. I like that they made Lois Lane tougher around the edges in Zack Snyder's movies, no matter how I feel about "Batman vs. Superman," Adams did what she could, and I could totally see her walking away with it. Bosworth was okay, but her performance seemed more like an imitation of Ladder's work more than anything else, and Ladder could certainly win as well. But I am giving the edge to Teri Hatcher.

Terri Hatcher- Lois and Clark: The Real Adventures of Superman

Agree? Disagree? Fire off in the comment section below. You can also email me at your votes. You can vote up until next Thursday.

 Last week, I conducted my first ever Rematch. We started Who Played It Best?" with Batman and Michael Keaton beat out Christian Bale, Val Kilmer, and George Clooney as the best Batman. This year, Keaton defended his title against Ben Affleck. The results are in and here is how our first ever rematch shook out.

Michael Keaton still reigns supreme as Batman.

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