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This time last year, I took a look at the season premiere of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." and I thought that the show has shifted. I thought that the show was turning a new lead and trying to break new ground. But then as the third season moved forward, it settled into the norms of the show. More Inhumans, more HYDRA, missed opportunities and unkept promises. Its no doubt that the show got a time slot move. I don't know how huge the ratings drop was for that show because I don't pay attention to that stuff. The third season overall was a disappointment and I am now hoping for big things with the fourth season of this show. There is still plenty of things they can do with this show, there is so much more to S.H.I.E.L.D. besides HYDRA and Inhumans, and I just hope that ABC can see that.

Its apparent that ABC does get that, its just to a huge extreme. I am a little blown away that Ghost Rider is the driving force of storytelling and marketing for this new season. Oh sure, Ghost Rider is an awesome character, just to my knowledge, the character was never connected to S.H.I.E.L.D. in any form. I was hoping badly that the character would appear in the MCU and that he would get his own series on Netflix, not get pushed in a different show, hoping to keep the show from falling apart. Its an odd move, but perhaps it could pay off in the end?

One thing is for sure, this new season is going to be a lot more rougher around the edges. Good. Because if they want Ghost Rider to work, the show can't fall on the same guidelines as ABC shows usually do. In the opening sequence of tonight's premiere, a person gets his face plastered with blood. Yeah, and the show was just getting started. This season is going to be more violent and more brutal. Not something we are used to seeing from this show. Will it work? I don't know. I don't think edgy Daisy Johnson is working for me, now going by Quake. She left S.H.I.E.L.D. at the end of last season after Lincoln died, becoming a vigilante onto herself. Coulson is trying to find her, but she doesn't want to be found. She is on her own completely now. The thing is, I still don't know if Chloe Bennett can sell it as an actress. Her overbearing eyeshadow just make her look "darker" is already annoying after one episode. I am hoping that it will work on a character level.

Things have changed for the team completely. The Sokovia Accords from "Captain America: Civil War" have legitimized S.H.I.E.L.D. and it is under an new director since everyone believes Coulson to be dead. Coulson's team have been split up in different divisions due to the events of last season. Coulson is trying to find Daisy, who is trying to destroy all the Watchdogs; the anti-Inhuman terrorist group from last season. This puts Daisy and Coulson on the trail of the Ghost Rider. Gabriel Luna plays Robbie Reyes, a man with the power to turn himself and just about anything else ablaze. He's after the Watchdogs for his own reasons. I have to say that I love that we actually got to see Robbie Reyes in full Ghost Rider transformation. The special effects work was actually kind of impressive, and it looks like we will get it for more than one episode. YES!

John Hannah's Holden Radcliffe returns this season and has been working on an android called AIDA. He showed AIDA to Fitz and Marvel fans are going to love what AIDA is going to lead to. Radcliffe is designing the early templates for Life Model Decoys, the android duplicates agents use so that they are not killed. I can't wait for the show to start incorporating Life Model Decoys!

With Radcliffe working on AIDA, Ghost Rider wreaking havoc, Daisy on the run, and Coulson under a new director, it seems like that this season is overloaded with content. I have never believed that more is necessarily better. You really need to be a talented writer in order to juggle multiple storylines over the course of a TV season, and make them flow together. Throw in a romance between Mack and Yo-Yo; seemingly the last Secret Warrior still tied to S.H.I.E.L.D. and you've got a season full of potential, but also a small percentage of failure. I hope by May, that these stories will come together with a satisfying conclusion. We are definitely going to get a grittier season, but for what purpose? Boost ratings? I hope its also coming from a storytelling standpoint, otherwise it just won't matter. Time will tell, and the agents are back!

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