Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Disappointments Room Review

The Disappointments Room Review
At this stage in the game, if you are going to make a secluded mansion horror movie, you better have something special to do with it. Its not enough, in context of the history of the genre, to just have another horror movie where a family moves into a creepy house, way too big for their family, and something horrible begins to happen to one family member. The rest of the family will not believe the tormented family member, so they will dig into the mystery of the haunt solo. They will eventually show the rest of the family that they were right all the time, while also identifying with the mystery of the film.

I have essentially already described "The Disappointments Room." Kate Beckinsale plays Dana. Dana's husband, David, is played by Mel Raido. They move into a creepy-looking house in the middle of a forest with their young son. Dana is an architect who is going to revamp their new house. She starts seeing lots of creepy things happening in the house, while nobody else experiences this, involving a family that lived there a long time ago. Wouldn't you know that she figures out the mystery of the movie?

"The Disappointments Room" is a big bag of the predictable. Sure, it tries hard to stick out from the rest of the scary mansion herd, but in doing so it makes itself more embarrassing to watch. So "The Disappointments Room" is wildly predictable, so the next big question is, how scary is it? Sadly, the film fails big time in that direction too. There are a couple of moments of decent make-up work, but even those moments could have been better, and more sinister. There are no disturbing moments. No sense of dread that captures the rest of the movie. The best horror movies out there are the best because the worlds they set up in their films is horrifying. While I am glad that this wasn't another found footage movie, its nice when movies like this put forth some type of effort.

I often wonder why Kate Beckinsale makes a decision like this. She's a capable actress, she's been given very good material in the past, she can carry a film acting-wise. I understand she's probably being offered lots of money for something like this, but is that enough to make something so tedious? You will work again Beckinsale, you can say no to stuff like this.

After a year of wonderful examples in the horror genre, and just when it feels like we are feeling a resurgence in the genre, something like "The Disappointments Room" is a diabolical step back. The thing is, the movie does have some good ideas, that get wasted within the last two-thirds of the movie. Then it looks like the filmmakers just winged the rest of it. Nothing hurts worse when ideas are wasted.


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