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Storks Review

Storks Review
I have been a fan of Warner Brothers Animation for awhile. I loved and adored "The LEGO Movie" when it came out in 2014. Such a wonderful little, movie that I still revisit from time to time. I have enjoyed all the direct-to-video DC movies that Warner Brothers have made, some more than others of course. But I have enjoyed them. Alas, I can't keep listing great movies from Warner Brothers Animation without mentioning "The Iron Giant." With so many great titles under their belt, its amazing to me that Warner Brothers doesn't have the same household respect that Pixar and Dreamworks have, but maybe that will change soon. 

If the WB wants that change, they got to keep making movies along the lines of "The LEGO Movie" and "The Iron Giant" and not so much movies like "Storks." Sounds harsh, doesn't it? I honestly didn't mean for it to sound so harsh. Because, by and large, "Storks" is a good movie. As far as great animation goes, its the Diet Coke of animation. Its a very slight and light affair, but it does deliver the goods when need be. This is a charming little movie. I was pretty surprised how much of the film worked and how much I was laughing through out.

The film focuses on a baby delivery group run by storks called Cornerstore. Storks used to deliver babies under Cornerstore for many years, until the company's CEO Hunter (Kelsey Grammar) decided that it would be more profitable to deliver packages. Delivering babies is now outlawed in the company. Meanwhile, The Garners (Ty Burrell and Jennifer Aniston) are a couple who choose career over developing a relationship with their son. In order to have somebody to take care of and pay attention to, the young boy Nate Garner (Anton Starkman) stumbles upon an old Cornerstone brochure and writes a letter asking for a baby brother. He sends it to Cornerstone.

Meanwhile, Hunter is about give Junior (Andy Samberg) a promotion, if he fires Tulip (Katie Crown). Tulip was the last baby created before they shut down the baby delivery department, and she grew up to be an employee of the company, just not a very good one. Despite wanting the promotion, Junior does not have the heart to fire her. In order to keep her hidden, Junior and Tulip decide to try and deliver a baby to the Garners in secret. This leads the pair on an adventure across the land and brings them into to contact with rival birds and a wolf pack.

It seems by those two paragraphs that the story is a little jumbled, but the movie does a good job explaining everything in a timely manner. Even though a movie with a plot so bloated may lose pieces of its audience. Although there was enough funny content to keep children and adults alike invested in the film. What struck with me is how the movie didn't really follow predictable norms, even though it lead you to believe it would. There are several moments in this film where you think you know where the film is headed, but "Storks" refuses to be another animal in the typical herd, and I applaud the film for that. Even though at the same time, the movie doesn't do anything different or original to help this film stand out in any significant way.

"Storks" is a pleasant surprise. But its definitely not the best animated film you've seen so far this year. Still, as the summer season is gone by, this might be a fun movie to take your children to.


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