Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Power Ranger character posters

I just got done discussing nostalgia in my "Blair Witch" review. I think not only cinema, but pop culture in general can't seem to get rid of the nostalgia bug. It seems we don't allow anything original to breathe anymore and I really wonder how high of a demand for this stuff is. I grew up with Power Rangers, I was around when the first version of the show hit television sets. I loved it, I had every action figure, I had the zords, I had a tape with the music.  I talked Power Rangers to whomever would possibly listen.

Is there a market for this stuff? Will this movie do more than just scratch the nostalgia itch? Will it offer a genuine experience, or just be a retread for easy money? I hope it offers something more than we think.

Well, this certainly looks like Power Rangers, but in a world where nostalgia is king, I need more than just look. I want a good reason to revisit these titan properties from yesteryear, not just to fill cash in the pockets of studio executives.

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