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Ice Age: Collision Course Review

Ice Age: Collision Course Review
The "Ice Age" movies tend to fluctuate. There have been good movies in the series and there have been bad ones. It seems that as the franchise has grown longer, the quality of the films has gone down. Where else can these characters go at this point? Can they go anywhere? If so, can the filmmakers keep it fresh? Is it something that Dreamsworks and Pixar has done better already?

"Ice Age: Collision Course" begins, as these "Ice Age" films usually do, with Scrat (Chris Wedge) trying to keep and hide his acorn. These are usually a wacky and fun way to begin all of these movies, but now it seems like there is something off about Scrat and his acorn this time around. Perhaps its because this is the fifth film in this franchise. Perhaps we are so used to seeing Scrat do his thing that its becoming uninteresting at this point. It could be a combination of both. Either way, Scrat's prologue seems to last a little too long and goes a little too crazy. Scrat somehow awakens an ancient alien ship and it launches into space. This causes the alien ship to disrupt an asteroid belt and sends several of them rocketing towards Earth.

This is when we are re-introduced to our friends Manny (Ray Romano), Sid (John Leguizamo) and Diego (Dennis Leary). They seem like old men at this point. Manny is freaked out by his daughter's boyfriend Julian (Adam DeVine) who has now become her fiance. Even though he has trouble remembering anniversaries with his wife Ellie (Queen Latifah). Manny is surprised by a big party put together by his friends to celebrate their anniversary, which Manny completely forgot about and is now trying to scramble for a gift. Suddenly, those asteroids begin their siege on the planet, and the group has to band together and protect each other. They are soon aided by Buck (Simon Pegg) a weasel who lost his home in the meteor shower.

All this does is set up a big bundle of obvious, so I hope your children enjoy the humor. Not trying to say that ALL the humor is geared towards children. There were plenty of times when I cracked a smile, began to chuckle, even laughed at loud. There just isn't too much here worth of substance. It feels like several other family films we have seen over the last decade, or even last five years. We know exactly how this is all going to end. Its not quite entertaining enough to completely recommend.

Romano, Leguizamo, Wedge, Leary, Latifah, Lopez and the rest of the cast have completely become these characters at this point, so they are all very good. I just wish they had a slightly better script to use. I wish this franchise didn't feel so quite out of breath. Even the animation itself looks a little dated. The animation of "The Simpsons" is much better than this.

But alas, perhaps I am being a little too harsh on a children's movie. Take your children, they will probably have a good time. I will warn that you can take them to better stuff as well. I work with children for a living, and the two big movies they all discussed were "The Secret Life of Pets" and "Finding Dory" this summer. When I asked them about the fifth "Ice Age" movie, they didn't have too much to say.


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