Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hacksaw Ridge Trailer

I always love a good World War II movie. That era in our world is something that always fascinates me. For many reasons. It seemed like we were fighting a war against someone who was inherently evil, not evil simply because the media said he was. We weren't try to police the world back then, we were trying to save it. Anytime a World War II movie comes out I am there. Also, and this may surprise some of you. But I also really enjoy Mel Gibson movies. You may laugh, and you may hate him. But the guy has an eye of a poet and has made some outstanding movies. His new movie coming out in November looks to be another winner.

Andrew Garfield is playing an apparent real World War II soldier who charged into battle with no weapons. He apparently spent his time saving wounded soldiers instead of killing the enemy. It seems like this will be a different kind of World War II movie and I am actually intrigued. Andrew Garfield looks good in this. Also, two actors I'd never imagine in a movie like this, Sam Worthington and Vince Vaughn equally look good in this.

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