Sunday, August 21, 2016

Girl Asleep Trailer

"GIRL ASLEEP tells the story of Greta (Bethany Whitmore) - a new girl and a new school, about to turn fifteen, and navigating all of the challenges that this age brings with it - attraction, trying to make friends, dealing with a weird family that just doesn't get you, try as they might. Against her wishes, her mom decides to throw her a birthday party to try to make her transicition to her new school a little more smooth. When it finally all becomes too much, Greta is pulled into a strange and wonderous world where she meets amazing, beautiful and sometimes frightening creatures as she attempts to find her way back home."

This sounds like a dramatic-comedy version of "Pan's Labyrinth" although I don't think "Girl Asleep" is going to be anywhere that dark. I got to say, I really enjoyed this trailer. It looks fun and there were some funny parts in it. I have already heard that the buzz from this film's festival run is incredibly positive. So I think this will be one to look forward to. It hits theaters September 30th.

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