Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Film Nerd 2.0 Book, Something worth your attention

Drew McWeeny is someone who has been in the film blogesphere for over fifteen years. He's written millions and millions of words on the subject of film. But later in his career, he tried to approach discussing films in a different way. On Hitfix.com in 2009, McWeeny launched "Film Nerd 2.0." A regular column where he shared a movie with his two boys and recorded their thoughts and reactions through his writings.

What started out as a fun idea for a movie website slowly but surely turned into something more. It turned into a how-to for approaching media sharing with our children. It turned into a meditation on not just movies, but our lives around them. McWeeny dug deep into the world of film for the most unique of reactions. This wasn't just a case of his children watching the latest Pixar films, but the older "Star Trek" films, or "The Last Starfighter," or "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" and even Buster Keaton movies. Yes, you read that right, Buster Freaking Keaton. When they got older, McWeeny challenged them with "Terminator," "Alien," "Jaws," and "Blade Runner" and the reviews, and conversations he had with his children afterwards were entertaining. Sometimes, they went beyond entertainment. Its amazing what you can get out of a subject when you discuss something with children. Movies opened up an entire world of various conversations between a father and his children. McWeeny being there to write their reactions was just icing on the cake.

Ever since "Film Nerd 2.0" inception, McWeeny has been asked to write a book pertaining to the subject. After some time, he is finally ready to write a book. But McWeeny isn't just planning a book, but a way for us all to interact with our children together through movies. He wants to set up screenings where we can see movies and listen to many people's reactions. It's all starting with his book, and it could be a different kind of way to view films. It starts with us, and McWeeny has set up a Kickstarter campaign to get this going. He needs our help.

I would ask my readers to support this. "Film Nerd 2.0" is some of the most clever, most unique, most creative and most original film criticism you can find anywhere. But it became so much more than that. It has become a tool that parents, both present and future, to use when trying to figure out how to share media with their children. I work with children everyday, and I am noticing that cell phones, tablets and screens are going to become a big part of their lives. Its only going to get worse as we drift further into the future. So how can we as parents approach media and present it to our children? How can we measure what our children are digesting and understanding from it? These articles can lend surprising advice towards those questions and offer so much more.

If you interested in reading Drew McWeeny's articles, CLICK HERE! This link features every single Film Nerd 2.0 review.

If you want to support this Kickstarter. CLICK HERE!

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