Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Woods=Blair Witch

A couple of months ago, I wrote about a trailer for a movie at the time was called "The Woods." Even though it was a trailer for a found footage horror movie, it kind of looked good. I always say kind of when referring to found footage horror movies, because they are so often a bunch of teenagers running and screaming in the dark with a hand-held camera and I left wondering why any of this is scary and why droves of people make sure these movies make money. Is there really such an appeal to the found footage device that we constantly think its cool? I don't see how anybody could think they are all that scary.

Turns out that "The Woods" is actually a false flag operation for a third film in the Blair Witch franchise (if you call Book of Shadows canon), which is simply going to be titled "Blair Witch." As I watched this second trailer, I thought to myself. After all the time lost of copycats and all-in-all bad and unimaginative found footage movies, do we really need another "Blair Witch" movie in this day in age?

It maybe a harder question to answer. Because whether you remember or not, "The Blair Witch Project" set a new standard for horror films. It maybe a standard that has overstayed its welcome and has completely saturated itself at this point, but in 1999 it was fresh. I still know people who are convinced to this day that "The Blair Witch Project" was real and it used the found footage device to an expert degree. Sure, it was the first dog out of the gate so to speak and nobody had done it up to that point. But I re-watch "The Blair Witch Project" last year, and it still has its power. Nobody really makes the "less is more" type horror movie anymore, and with all do respect to the general horror audience, nobody seems to have much imagination anymore. What made "The Blair Witch Project" scary was that the movie used your imagination to scare you. Was this documentary crew really haunted by the supernatural or did some punks from town prank the shit out of them? You never know because nothing is ever shown. Can a new movie in 2016 break new ground?

Call my cynical, but I am not sure it can. Looking at this new trailer, it looks like a more of the same for the typical found footage movie, as well as callbacks to the original. It seems like that is what Hollywood has left these days, callbacks to yesteryear and more of the same. I hope I am wrong, there are some strong critic quotes in this trailer, so I just might check this out. But there was a time to strike with these found footage movies, and that time has run out. Sadly, these movies are ruining everyone's palette for horror, because when something genuinely scary comes out (I am looking at you, "The Witch") everybody shits on it, because it doesn't fit the modern criteria. I hope I am wrong. I hope this has something of substance to offer, especially have the Blair Witch name on it.

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