Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Final "Suicide Squad" trailer

All of a sudden, everything is riding on "Suicide Squad" if you are working at Warner Bros and their DC universe. You may have liked "Batman vs. Superman," or you may not have. No matter where on the spectrum you fall, its pretty universally known that it didn't perform the way the WB had hoped it would. Leaving "Suicide Squad" to pick up the pieces. The question is can "Suicide Squad" help get the DCEU back on track?

The honest answer is that it could. Many reports before the summer really began to kick off was that "Suicide Squad" is the most talked about movie of the summer. I am aching badly to see it right now.

I love that this looks like its going to be a massive ensemble piece and each new trailer seems to focus on somebody different, whether its Harley Quinn, or Deadshot or Joker or Enchantress or Rick Flagg. This final trailer gives us a good look at how Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) plays into this story and how she will affect the team and its success as a whole.

I am really excited to finally see this.

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