Friday, July 29, 2016

Catching Up With Comic-Con: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

I was a bit skeptical of the idea that a book within a Harry Potter book would be adapted into a movie. Worse, that this movie would somehow be the springboard for a new, potential franchise. Not at all what I expected, but Hollywood finds details in the weirdest places, why should I be surprised anymore? Apparently, this made a big splash at Comic-Con this year, honestly its easy to see why.

It doesn't seem like your typical, "hey, here are a bunch of call backs to the franchise that made this movie possible!" Sure, you see a couple of things, but they are being forced fed to you. This looks like a true spin-off, something that is going to be of its own. That I am excited for. I never get excited when spin-offs take too much time winking and nudging you, to see if you remember everything its predecessor did. Of course we won't forget Harry Potter, 2011 wasn't THAT long ago.

I think I may give this a shot. I mean with Colin Ferrell and Jon Voight giving support work to Eddie Redmayne, how bad can it be?

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