Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Fate of Mace Windu

Who remembers seeing "Revenge of Sith?" It was a pretty big movie back in 2005.

I knew going in that only a handful of people would survive the movie, knowing full well what is in store with episdoes four, five and six. I also didn't expect many Jedi to walk out of the movie alive, except Yoda and Obi-Won. That meant, as much as I loved Samuel L. Jackson as Mace Windu, I figured he'd bite it by the end of the movie. That prediction was right on. I did appreciate that he was given a dramatic exit for a character who was pretty important throughout the prequel trilogy of "Star Wars."

The only person, seemingly, who was frustrated by the death of Mace Windu is Samuel L. Jackson himself. I honestly did not know this about him, but he never once believed that Mace was truly dead and that he somehow survived his encounter with Darth Sidious and Darth Vader. He recently brought up the prospect of Mace Windu being alive. The catch is that recently, George Lucas himself said that's okay.

"I am okay with that, you can be alive" so said George Lucas, at least according to a conversation Lucas had with Samuel L. Jackson. This came from Jackson during a recent interview, not Lucas himself. I really doubt that Samuel L. Jackson is the type of person who lie just to generate buzz. I mean, the guy stars in about six movies a year, its not like he NEEDS the publicity. But yeah, according to Samuel L. Jackson, George Lucas gave the blessing of Mace Windu being alive somewhere in the "Star Wars" universe. The continuity is so wacky these days. Several writers and artitsts created a massive expanded universe in the years after the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy, and it was all canon within itself. Then, on the dawn of the new trilogy (episodes VII, VIII and IX), George Lucas just confirmed that only the movies are canon, which gave those making these episodes creative freedom. But it destroyed all the hard work done with the expanded universe. I have no connection to the expanded universe at all, so it didn't both me that much. But I do know people who were enraged by it. And even though George Lucas said only the movies are canon, apparently all TV shows coming out are canon to the story as well (i.e. Star Wars: Rebels). So figuring out what is or is not canon is a little difficult now.

George Lucas isn't the driving force behind "Star Wars" anymore. Sure, he's a creative consultant but that's as far as his participation goes. So I guess Mace Windu in hiding somewhere isn't completely out of the question. I am also not sure Lucas has to give anybody blessings in order to use or not use a character. So perhaps Mace did survive his fall, he did survive his electrical shocks, and he's in hiding somewhere. Or maybe he took a break from Jedi peacekeeping altogether. Who knows. This isn't confirmation that we will see Mace in the next movie. Apparently, all this entails is that if Disney really wanted to use the character, Lucas wouldn't have a problem.

Too farfetched? Does it seem cool? 

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