Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Justice League: Part One gets a name change

Sometimes, the rumor mill of Hollywood creates conflicting reports.

Earlier last week, there was a report stating that Warner Bros. was trying to rename their "Justice League" movie. This film was originally titled "Justice League: Part One" and would be followed up with "Justice League: Part Two." It was stated that the studio wanted to give a different name to "Justice League: Part One." Why? Who knows. But here were some of the titles.

 “Justice League: United” 
* “Justice League: Gods Among Us” 
* “Justice League: Angels and Demons” 
* “Justice League: Gods Among Men”

Last Friday, Zack Snyder sent a Tweet that the film would not be called any of the titles above and would simply be "Justice League." So no more Part One at all? Is Warner Bros only making one big Justice League movie? Are there changes being made due to the lack of excitement of "Batman vs. Superman" earlier this year? Not much can be taken away from his tweet, because its pretty vague but he made it clear that "Justice League" will be "Justice League."

I don't care what they call it, I just want a good movie.


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