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After several episodes and episodes of tough sit-throughs, I actually enjoyed tonight's episode of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." They are still heavily implying that someone dies, so I don't think that its a joke at this point. But this episode was pretty good, and through-out a massive rug right from under our feet. 

Tonight's episode, like most when an MCU film comes out, opened off the heals of "Captain America: Civil War." We find Phil Coulson sitting in a bar, he's watching the news and reading the paper. The news report discusses the disappearance of Steve Rogers after a feud with Tony Stark. If you went to the movies over this passed weekend, then you know exactly what that means. There is also plenty of talk about the Sokovia Accords. We see that the story Coulson is reading is in the obituaries, he's reading about the death of Peggy Carter, who indeed founded S.H.I.E.L.D. After the death of Peggy, and the disappearance of Rogers, we find Coulson distraught. No time to fret though, Coulson is about to get a visit from General Glenn Talbot. Another piece of the Accords law has to do with recording and monitoring all of the Inhumans in the world, so Talbot has to see what Coulson's Inhumans can do. I was really disappointed by last year and how little the episode after "Age of Ultron," tied into the action. I thought tonight did a much better job of doing so. I actually look forward to how the Accords will play a bigger role in this show in the future.

Talbot already knows much about what Coulson is going to tell him, even though Coulson tries to keep some stuff from him. Talbot knows that Daisy is doing something with Hive. He knows that Lincoln wants very badly to leave the base to be with Daisy. Now, he knows that S.H.I.E.L.D. is holding Lash prisoner. He wants government intervention immediately. Especially since Daisy is with Hive, and Hive is planning a end-of-the-world scenario. It doesn't help Coulson that Lincoln is secretly communicating with Daisy and trying to break him out so they can be together. Lincoln is successful in breaking out of the base, even hurting Mack in the process. By the time this happens, Talbot is furious.

But...that's not exactly what happens. Lincoln and May purposely made it seem like Lincoln escaped on the quinjet to be with Daisy. Even though we see in the next seen that Daisy was trying to get Lincoln to come to Hive. Lincoln knew better than to trust Daisy, so Lincoln himself wasn't on the jet. Lash was.

Yep, we got Lash vs. Hive. It was everything I hoped it would be.

Hive got his ass kicked by Lash. When Hive tried to use his powers, Lash used his to combat them and he nearly killed Hive. When Daisy tried to stop Lash, Lash used his powers to get Hive's hypnosis out of her. Daisy is good again! Which I love, because I was getting sick of evil Daisy. I am glad to see good Daisy again. Unfortunately, one of Hive's goons killed Lash behind the back, which I thought was lame. I thought Lash deserved a much better and more dramatic death instead of what he got. No doubt, Daisy being good again was relief. 

We also learn that Hive has successfully turned some humans into Inhumans, even though they look like mutants from a crappy 1950's science fiction movie. He's pulled it off, and they obey him obediently. Hive also has a weapon that could possibly turn a huge portion of people into Inhumans, which he stole from the U.S. government. The board is set for one hell of a finale next week. I just can't fathom this show knowing that someone is going to die next week.

What did everyone else think?

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