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I've been having trouble wrapping my head around the plan for the last stretch of this season. It was a season that began with a bang, but its beginning to falter slightly. Mainly for being something its not. Lots of people have been making the argument that since "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." is a spy show, that it can get by with the double agent story-line every year. Well, it was shocking and cool when they did it with Ward, but doing it with Daisy is completely unnecessary. When tonight's episode was ending, and Daisy nearly beat Mack into a bloody pulp, I just didn't care. I know I should care, but I don't. Sure its dramatic to see, but knowing that they've done this already, this second attempt comes off as half-assed to me.

I can only see two outcomes from this. One being that Daisy does indeed die, which is a waste of a good character. Horrible plan for a show whose ratings are as short as they are. Or Hive will die by the end of the season and Daisy will be the new villain, whom I guess will limp on for two and half needless seasons until they figure out something cool for her to do, just as they did with Ward. For as how about spies and espionage set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they sure have their sights very low. The background decision making isn't helping them either, seriously they got rid of Mockingbird and Hunter? I just realized tonight how much I miss them tonight. Especially since it looks like their spin-off may have been put on hold.

We are definitely not in a point in this series where we can just blow away popular characters. It works on "Game of Thrones" because there are about ten different, fluctuating story-lines in that show. It works on "The Walking Dead" because it takes place in the midst of a zombie apocalypse and death is waiting behind every corner. This is a Marvel show. A spy-action-thriller. It should be fun and adventurous. Yes, raise the stakes, but brainstorm different ways to do so. Show us something we haven't seen every season (something I thought would happen this season). Don't do the same thing each season simply because its a spy show. This is Marvel, it can be WAY more than the typical spy show.

Some highlights of tonight's episode. Lincoln is slowly beginning to become a character that matters, and him trying to experiment with a cure against the Hive parasite and disobeying Coulson's orders was strong. I hope they plan do lots with Lincoln, because so many good stories can be told. The origin of Hive that opened the episode was pretty cool, I just hope we see Hive from the comics soon, a nice, good look at him. The Kree aliens were cool, and I am glad that annoying, redhead Inhuman finally died. I continue to love John Hannah being in on this show, I love that not all the "Spartacus" alums are ending up in the DC arena. I hope he has a good story arc for the rest of this season.

What did everyone else think?

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