Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Tom Hardy in Star Wars?

I've loved Tom Hardy for a many a year now. So any time his name is getting thrown around, I get excited. He had one hell of a year last year. I loved "Mad Max: Fury Road" and "The Revenant" with every fabric of my being. Plus, "Legend" wasn't too bad either. Coming off the heals of such a strong year, what else could he get caught up in?

How about "Star Wars"

There is a rumor running around that Tom Hardy might appear in "Star Wars: Episode VIII." Apparently, it will be a cameo appearance in the same vein as Daniel Craig in "Episode VII." But it would be a fun one nonetheless, if true. Here is a description of Hardy's scene in the movie:
  • "Tom Hardy plays a First Order stormtrooper.
  • Said stormtrooper glimpses FN-2187 on a secret mission but doesn’t realize it.
  • The “incognito” FN-2187 is surprised when the stormtrooper walks up behind him and slaps him on the ass.
  • FN-2187 turns around and believes he’s dead. He’s surely going to be captured.
  • The stormtrooper is elated to see his old friend from back during their First Order academy days.
  • The stormtrooper congratulates FN-2187 on his promotion to Resistance infiltrator and spy.
  • FN-2187 is free to go about his business to his amazement."
This was delivered from It sounds like it might be one of those rumors that stays a rumor. Seems kind of like a weird scene. But then again, maybe we don't understand the context of the scene. It could lead up to a big laugh in the movie. Time will tell.


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