Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Woods Trailer

I have become increasingly wary of found footage movies. Or any movie that looks like a found footage movie. I get that its hard to avoid them, especially when you're a massive horror fan like myself. Sometimes, I watch horrible movies, just to see if I found a great one. I wasn't quite sure what to think of the first trailer for Adam Wingard's "The Woods." I have liked Wingard's work in the past, but does that automatically mean I put faith in this endeavor?

One thing I did like about this trailer was that there was not a single boo scare to be found, something that has become a stable for the found footage movie. There is also a massive Blair Witch vibe going on in the trailer. Here's the thing though, nobody can do Blair Witch like Blair Witch does. I watch that movie today and I am still taken aback by the craft of it all. But most of the found footage lot it so very much gave birth to has been overtly annoying.

Since I like the director and like some images of the trailer, do I check this out?

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