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I was pretty livid last week over this show. I still can't stand that the show has decided to do the whole "double crossing secret agent" for a third time in a row. I said it last week and I'll say it again, they can make an interesting and entertaining show without doing the same thing each season. Especially since this exists in the MCU. The sky should be the limit, but somehow its not. Not quite.

Tonight's episode saw Jemma, Mack and Fitz go find a special scientist who specialized in finding ways to keep parasites out of animals. They feel his work will be critical for creating a way to save Daisy from Hive. Hive's powers do indeed work like a parasite, and if they can get Hive out of Daisy, she'll be right as rain. The thing is, Daisy doesn't want to go back to S.H.I.E.L.D. Or at least, that is what Hive would have her say. Daisy has always wanted to belong somewhere, to have a family and Hive is creating a weird family. Hive has the powers to see deep inside all of us and find what we want and need, and that is how he gains followers. Daisy nearly killed Fitz this episode just to prove that very point. It really tough to see Daisy on the dark side of force, so to speak. That Australian guy that Lincoln and Daisy met a few episodes ago? He's with Hive now too, he was given powers from Hive, and Hive also took "the only weapon that can kill him." Because, you know, plot convenience.

The Australian was given powers where he can pretty much turn anything he wants into a grenade. Trust me, he started going through every code name from the comic books that revolved around someone with fire powers. I don't know yet what name he will land on though.

The scientist Jemma and Fitz tried to find is played by none other than John Hannah. The guy who played Evee's sister in 1999 "The Mummy." I love John Hannah as an actor, and I absolutely love seeing him in the MCU. Hopefully, he isn't a character that is "one and done." When we see him at episode's end, he was captured by Hive. What does Hive want with him? I am not entirely sure. We will find out next week. 

Jemma and Fitz have come a long way in their relationship. They are even talking about hoping on the good foot and doing the bad thing, if you catch my drift. I like that these are receiving more depth in their relationship. These two have become the heart and soul of the team, and I am glad they are beginning to feel more and more like that. Especially when Jemma has a very dreadful encounter with Hive. I love these two, and I am glad they are being fully developed.

Other highlights include Coulson and May watching the entire HYDRA infrastructure get destroyed by Glenn Talbot. There is also a moment when Coulson and May are looking for Hive and Daisy, and they go to a  house that was rigged to explode. Coulson keeps May safe with a Captain America-style S.H.I.E.L.D. that is hidden in his robotic hand. It was a wonderful moment. I wonder where we will find Brock Rumlow and Baron Zemo when we see them in "Captain America: Civil War," since HYDRA is hurting pretty bad now. The show keeps hinting that someone is going to die, and I still see it as a big mistake. Now is the time to really begin to develop these characters, not kill them to create some cheap drama.

What did everyone else think?

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