Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Results For The Second Annual Heroes vs. Villains March Madness Bracket

Its been another successful year of voting. Its been another long fought battle. Its been a fun month of voting, debating, dissecting and considering the merits of this new batch of heroes and villains.  The final two were Batman, hailing from our Movie Hero bracket, and Don Draper who came from our TV Villains bracket. They both faced stiff competition all month long. Batman in particular was the champion last year and had a lot to prove. Don Draper was a newcomer this year, and proved his worth from beating last year's TV Villain Final Four representative Walter White to make the Final Four. Then, in an amazing upset of voting, defeated Darth Vader. There has been rigorous voting all week. The results are in. The winner of the Heroes vs. Villains II March Madness is...

Yep. Batman is now a two-time Heroes vs. Villains champion. He defeated Don Draper by taking 89% of the voting, easily defeating Don Draper. Batman came into this year's bracket in the number one seed, something he earned by being our reining champion last year. He swiftly defeated Elsa in the first round. Then casually destroyed Han Solo in the second round of voting. He then went up against Legolas Greenleaf in the third round, squaring the elf out of the competition. Then finally made it to the Final Four after defeating John McClane. In the Final Four, Batman went up against Mr. Spock, and defeated him to defend his title against Don Draper, the villain representing this year's bracket.

Good job, Bat-fans. Thanks for voting.

I hope you all had a good time this year, and it is starting to show that March is becoming a staple month for my blog. That is all because of you guys, so thanks again for participating. 

And yes...

Heroes vs. Villains will return...

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