Tuesday, April 5, 2016

March Madness: Heroes vs. Villains II: Final Four Results

We have come to it at last, the last two. One hero left standing. One villain left standing. With five days left to vote, we will finally see who the winner is. 

Batman came into this as the first seed. A spot he earned from last year. Not only was Batman the last movie  hero standing last year, he won the entire competition. He stood on a bracket that included Indiana Jones, Luke Skywalker, Captain America, Sarah Connor, Harry Potter, Gandalf, Ellen Ripley, Katniss Everdeen and James Bond. That is quite the slew of movie heroes there, and Batman outlasted them all. He met Jack Bauer, our final TV hero standing last year, in the Final Four. He went onto take Darth Vader for the championship and he went all the way. 

This year, Batman has faced a whole new line-up of great movie heroes, and he has persevered through it all. He met Mr. Spock in the Final Four, and defeated him. Now, Batman has one more opponent to knock down, one last knot to untie. But this year, it isn't from the world of movies, but the world of television in which is opponent hails from. In an unexpected turn of events, Darth Vader was knocked down by Don Draper. I know, I am just as surprised as you. Does "Mad Men" have enough fan-power to win the whole thing? Are people too jaded from "Batman vs. Superman" to let him win a second time? Time will only tell, and your votes will only tell. So get out and vote.

Championship Round:

Batman (1)


Don Draper (2)

Votes are due on April 8th, and on April 9th, the winner of Heroes vs. Villains II March Madness will be crowned. Thanks again for all the votes all month long, you guys have made this another fun experience. I will definitely be doing this next year!

How To Vote?
Make a list of all the characters you'd like to see advance to the second round. Put that list in the comment section below, send the list in an email to me (bloggershawn@gmail.com) or you can even Facebook message your list to me. You may vote once a day. I am also going to start working on some ways to make voting easier for you guys this year, so this page will be updating alot within the next few days. Please bare with the changes and remain patient as I don't do this for a living. All first round votes must be in by March 28th. Fourth Round voting begins promptly on March 29th. Happy Voting!

Voting Results

Hero Bracket

Batman (68% of vote) vs. Mr. Spock (32% of vote)

Villain Bracket

Darth Vader (41% of vote) vs.  Don Draper (59% of vote) 

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