Friday, April 1, 2016

March Madness: Heroes vs. Villains II: The Final Four

Well, we have arrived to it at last. The final four. 

Its been a long, hard-fought battle all month long. We have seen both big surprises and further advancements. Now, on each side of the bracket, we have two heroes and two villains remaining. Whomever wins on each side will represent their alignment in the final two. By April 9th, we will have a winner. 

Batman took out John McClane to represent the movie heroes for the second year in a row. He will go toe-to-toe with Mr. Spock, who took out Agent Mulder and Scully for the TV heroes. On the other side of the bracket, Darth Vader defeated Tony Montana to represent the movie villains. This is also Darth Vader's second year in a row representing the movie villains. He will go toe-to-toe with Don Draper, who in a shocking bit of voting this week, took good ol' Heisenberg out of the competition. That left me very surprised.

We will be down to two in just a few days, so keep the votes coming. You've all made this another fun year and I appreciate all the feedback.


Batman (1)


Mr. Spock (5)

Darth Vader (1)


Don Draper (2)

Votes are due by April 4th. Then on the 5th of April, the last hero and the last villain standing will duke it out!

How To Vote?
Make a list of all the characters you'd like to see advance to the second round. Put that list in the comment section below, send the list in an email to me ( or you can even Facebook message your list to me. You may vote once a day. I am also going to start working on some ways to make voting easier for you guys this year, so this page will be updating alot within the next few days. Please bare with the changes and remain patient as I don't do this for a living. All first round votes must be in by March 28th. Fourth Round voting begins promptly on March 29th. Happy Voting!

Voting Results


Batman (68% of vote) vs. John McClane (32% o vote)


Mr. Spock (62% of vote) vs. Mulder & Scully (38% of vote)

Movie Villains (TOP RIGHT BRACKET)

Darth Vader (82% of vote) vs. Tony Montana (18% of vote) 


 Walter White (15% of vote) vs. Don Draper (85% of vote) 

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