Tuesday, March 15, 2016

TV REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 3, Episode 12)



When I was watching commercials for this week's episode of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." I thought I recognized Carl Creel. Carl Creel appeared in a few episodes last season. In the comics he was a supervillain who fought the Hulk quite a few times and it seemed fitting that he would be a HYDRA subordinate. Apparently, last season he had been brainwashed. He now serves as General Glen Talbot's bodyguard, who became the new head of the ATCU last episode. Coulson is bringing Talbot to an international meeting to discuss how the world will react to Inhumans. Coulson will be posing as a doctor to try to sway the meeting to a peaceful favor. They are also searching for an inside person giving Gideon Malick information on Inhumans.

Meanwhile, Jemma, Fritz, Lincoln and Daisy find out that there is a compound in Creel's blood that would allow for a vaccine for Inhuman genes. While Lincoln is up for such a thing, Daisy is not. This causes a little bit a of a riff between the two of them, but it doesn't last the entire episode. Coulson does not find this out so who knows where this information will lead in the future. But I am glad Lincoln and Daisy are still going strong. I like the romance the show has created for them, and I hope it lasts.

At the meeting, Talbot reveals that Coulson is the director of HYDRA, and it is shown that Talbot is in league with Gideon Malick, who turns the meeting against Coulson. So much for a peaceful stance against Inhumans. To tell the truth though, Talbot isn't a HYDRA agent, his son was kidnapped by Malick's people, which forced his hand. And of course, he gets double-crossed after handing Coulson over to HYDRA. No worries, Carl Creel breaks them out and helps retrieve Talbot's son. I find it kind of interesting that Carl Creel will be a potential good guy, because I would have loved a potential new Hulk movie where Hulk and The Absorbing Man when head-to-head. But oh well, what can you do. By the end of the episode, Lance Hunter and Bobbi Morse are covertly on a plane to Russia, after it was voted in that a special sanctuary for Inhumans will be built for them to live in. No doubt, a rest place for HYDRA to recruit more Inhumans to serve Grant Ward.

Who of course, isn't Grant Ward. The person inhabiting Ward is definitely Hive. Hive was a HYDRA leader in the comics, so it makes perfect sense that is who it is. With so many rich villains in the HYDRA hierarchy, I am glad they simply didn't make a character up. Hive hasn't looked two good last episode and most of this episode, but after sucking the life out of some petty humans, Hive is completely healthy. He can't absorb the life of Inhumans though, only humans. This isn't anybody like Ward and it seems Brett Dalton hasn't completely redefined himself, in a very good way.

Good episode, looking forward to next week.

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