Monday, March 28, 2016

The Lego Batman Movie Trailer(s)

I was a pretty big fan of "The Lego Movie" and I continue to be. It was a prime example of the celebration of filmmaking and a great example of when a crew comes together over material they are passionate about. I loved all the jokes and humor, I liked the songs, I liked just about everything about it.

Before The Dark Knight gets really mad at me, yes I liked Batman. I loved the direction they took the character, I loved how they molded him for a kids movie. I loved the incredible voice work done by Will Arnett.

Now, I am very happy to see that we are going to get a Lego movie that revolves around him. This could quite possibly be the best Batman movie of the entire decade. The tone of the two new trailers is big and fun. This Batman laughs at himself, embraces both sides of his personality, I loved the little jokes revolving around the greater history of Batman on film and I liked the style of the cinematography.

I love that this movie looks to be embracing everything that makes Batman the character he is, and then completely turning it upside down. I think we have another winner on our hands and this bizarre yet brilliant LEGO franchise has just become one of the most exciting in recent years!

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