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Avengers: Infinity War (Who are the 68?)

Make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen, "Avengers: Infinity War" is going to be a massive product. Kevin Feige has stated that this one-two punch of an Avengers movie is  going to be the culmination of everything they have done, it will put a huge bow on the story that began in 2008 with "Iron Man," spanning three Phases and 11 years. They picked quite the storyline to adapt from the comics. Sure, lots of what the MCU has done so far has been adapted from the comics, but they've mostly done their own thing. This seems like the most clear adaptation so far, and to tell this story right, they had to do it with two movies.

What is the Infinity War?
In 2012, the mid-credit scene of "The Avengers" introduced Thanos, who in the comics was a tyrannical warlord obsessed with death. In order to achieve this morbid goal, he sought out the Infinity Gauntlet, and he collected the six gems that go along with it. Since "Thor: The Dark World" we have been seeing infinity stones pop up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These stones fit into the gauntlet and give the user unlimited power. 
Based upon the photo above, the six gems are The Mind Gem, The Reality Gem, The Power Gem, The Space Gem, The Time Gem and The Soul Gem. Think about it. If you could control space, if you could control minds, if you could bend reality, if you had limitless power, control of space and time and souls. That basically makes you a God. If somebody uses that power in order for death and destruction, well you can see why Thanos is such a threat. In the comic books, it took the entire Marvel Universe to bring Thanos down. It seems that Feige and directors Anthony and Joe Russo think so too. The photo below shows which infinity stones we have seen so far and which ones are still out there in the movies. As well as who has possession of them now or which villain had them last.
A few years ago, Josh Brolin who voices Thanos said that "Infinity War" would be "Thanos vs. Everyone." That is a pretty steep claim, but none of us ever thought it would include most of the characters we have seen in the movies so far. There is no way the movies would ever go that far, right? But recently in an interview the Russo brothers have stated that, the third Avengers movie will have 68 characters in it.

That's right 68 characters.

I thought it would be fun to take some time and try to predict who would show up in the two-part Avengers movie. They didn't state specifically what types of characters this 68 would represent, they just merely stated 68 characters would be included. In my prediction list, I will include possible heroes, villains, supporting cast, and the like. Let's see what we can get from this exercise.

First--The Avengers
Let's get all the obvious choices out of the way first, as I assume all of the major Avengers will show up at least at some point in the two-part Avengers movie.

1. Captain America
2. Iron Man
3. Hulk
4. Thor
5. Black Widow
6. Hawkeye
7. Scarlet Witch
8. Vision
9. War Machine
10. Falcon

Second- Other Heroes
There are several heroes being introduced between now and "Avengers: Infinity War" those heroes are...

11. Ant-Man
12. Wasp
13. Doctor Strange
14. Black Panther
15. Captain Marvel
16. The Winter Soldier
17. Spider-Man

Third- Let's Get Cosmic!
Thanos was a main character in "Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014, and it has already been rumored for awhile that the Guardians and the Avengers would team up against Thanos in this Avengers movie. So who exactly does that include?

18. Star Lord
19. Gamora
20. Rocket Racoon
21. Drax The Destroyer
22. Groot
23. Mantis (confirmed to join the team in "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" next year!)

Fourth--Secondary Characters
There have been several supporting characters who have shown in several movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and there is a good chance we could see these characters in this movie, those characters are.

24. Nick Fury
25. Maria Hill
26. Sharon Carter
27. Volstagg
28. Hogun
29. Fandal
30. Lady Sif (I could totally see Thor asking The Warriors Three and Sif for aide)
31. General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross
32. Dr. Erik Selvig
33. Dr. Hank Pym
34. Dr. Helen Cho
35. Pepper Potts
36. Jane Foster
37. Yondu
38. Irani Rael
39. Corpsmen Dey

There are rumors that Thanos will use his power to draw other villains to his aide, or maybe Thanos will become so powerful that we will see heroes and villains standing side-by-side against the Mad Titan. Who knows, but I am willing to bet we will see some villains that aren't dead yet. It has already been confirmed that Tom Hiddelston will appear as Loki in the sequel.

40. Thanos (obviously)
41. Loki
42. Nebula
43. Red Skull? (Technically, we didn't see him die, he could be in space somewhere)
44. Ultron? (Kevin Fiege said in an interview that Ultron may not be dead.)
45. The Collector
46. Abomination (Didn't die in "Incredible Hulk," almost used in "Age of Ultron" and Tim Roth still has one film on his contract)

Sixth--Villain Magus
In the comics, Magus was a villain who appeared in the Infinity War storyline, he is a evil doppelganger of a character named Adam Warlock. Magus also had plans for the gauntlet and the infinity stones. There have been some auditions for a major secondary villain in the two-part Avengers movie, and I think its pretty well confirmed that Magus will appear in the movie. 

Which means...Will the good version, Adam Warlock, appear in the movie too?
Its possible. That cocoon you see in the mid-credit scene in "Thor: The Dark World" is a reference to the character. So I could see him turning up in a Guardians movie before showing up in "Infinity War."

47. Magus
48. Adam Warlock

Seventh--TV Characters?
Between ABC and Netflix, there are several shows that take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I have been reviewing all of them. While its clear its all connected, the TV shows and the movies have never done a good job syncing together and it never seemed like we'd ever see the TV characters meet the movie characters. That could change though. We are only at spot 48 of our list of 68 potential characters. And last year, Kevin Fiege said in an interview that he wants to do a better job of connecting the TV shows and the movies. Which is great, but its also very vague. But let's see for the sake of this list, if we could get the TV characters on the list.

49. Daredevil
50. Jessica Jones
51. Luke Cage
52. Iron Fist
53. Phil Coulson
54. Daisy Johnson/Skye/Quake
55. Mockingbird
56. Deathlok
57. Lance Hunter
58. Leo Fitz
59. Jemma Simmons
60. Melinda May
61. Alphonso "Mack"
62. General Glenn Talbot
63. Lincoln
64. Joey Gutierrez
65. Elektra
66. The Punisher
67. Stick?

And number 68? Well, I bet since we saw him in the mid-credit scene of "Guardians of the Galaxy" that Howard The Duck will show up somewhere...

68.Howard The Duck

Conclusion--Other Possible Candidates??
I made a list of 68, but I could be totally or partially wrong. Could Baron Mordo or some of the villains Captain Marvel or Black Panther will face show up in the movie? Will other Asgardians show up? The movies have been used to introduce a wide-variety of characters; Black Panther and Spider-Man will be introduced in "Captain America: Civil War," Vision, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were introduced in "Age of Ultron." I bet these movies will introduce some other characters who will have a movie of their own soon after. I am talking, of course, about the Inhumans. If you've been watching "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." on ABC, then you know that the Inhumans have already been introduced. But we haven't seen the Royal Family of Inhumans yet, which I am sure Marvel is saving for their movie in 2019. Could we meet the Royal Family before their movie though? I wouldn't put it past Marvel.

There are many people who think having 68 characters in a movie is too wild, others think it will fail. Well, lots of people thought "The Avengers" would fail too, I remember reading about it. They never thought so many characters (which was huge at the time) could be juggled in a two-and-a-half hour movie. But Marvel did it. It doesn't matter how many characters are in a movie, it all comes down to writing and storytelling. How rich are your characters, how realized are their dilemmas? That's what really matters. Plus, this is a two-part movie, so I bet we won't see all 68 characters in one part. Maybe we'll see half or less in the first part, then more in the second. I am sure the final movie will feature all of our beloved heroes together against Thanos, which I am sure will be a climax we will never forget. So relax. This could work. Marvel has carefully nurtured their story and their characters. They have been slowly but surely building towards this. This is the grand finale, so why not make it something that resembles grand? I am looking forward to this, I can't believe something like this is even going to exist. This is a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful time to be a fan of this stuff, and I hope you have enjoyed just as much as I have.

So who do think the 68 characters will be? What are your best guesses?

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