Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Will Wolverine 3 be Old Man Logan?

Hugh Jackman has made it clear that is run as James Logan "Wolverine" Howlett is coming to a close. As much as we wish it to be, these actors can't play these iconic characters forever, and Jackman has had a good run. When its all said and done, Jackman will have played Wolverine eight times, that one more than Sean Connery and Roger Moore did for James Bond and it has to be some kind of record. Since Jackman is getting older, and his run with Wolverine is ending, why not end it with an adaptation of "Old Man Logan."

What is "Old Man Logan?" Its one crazy Wolverine story.

Set in the future, all the villains in the Marvel universe came together and killed almost all the superheroes in the Marvel universe. The Fantastic Four. Spiderman. Captain America. Thor. Iron Man. Black Panther...all dead. Among the heroes still alive is Logan, who isn't going by Wolverine anymore, because since he can't technically die, the villains hurt Logan's heart, soul and psyche so bad that he hasn't popped his claws in fifty years. The United States has been carved up into sections run by Red Skull, Kingpin, Dr. Doom, Magneto and Hulk. Logan lives in "Hulkland," where Bruce Banner went crazy and had an incestuous relationship with his cousin, She-Hulk. Logan spends everyday trying to make enough money to live in Hulkland, and money is drying up. If Logan can't make his payments, the Hulk gang will kill his family. So Logan goes on a cross-country trip with a blind Hawkeye to deliver drugs to someone in the nation's capital, the money Logan will get for the job will be more than enough to make his rent payments in Hulkland, so Logan assists Hawkeye on his journey into a new America that purposely mimic's George Miller's Wasteland.

Yep, its a pretty crazy story. (You didn't expect Hulk shagging his cousin, huh?) And I haven't even mentioned the T-Rex wearing a symbiot suit or Peter Parker having an illegitimate child. "Old Man Logan" is not your typical Marvel story. 

Fox is looking at the success of "Deadpool" and they are seeing that R-rated superhero stories can make serious money. It has been known for weeks that "Wolverine 3" will be R-rated. Cool, there are plenty of good Wolverine stories that fit that bill. I just don't know if "Old Man Logan" is the one to adapt. I understand its popularity. But Fox owns 90% of the major characters in "Old Man Logan." I could see Fox replacing Hawkeye with Deadpool, that's as clear as day. But I can't see a good adaptation of "Old Man Logan" without Hulk, Red Skull and the other major Marvel characters not in Fox's stable. There would have to be some DRASTIC changes made in order to even make this a possibility, and after those changes, would it really be "Old Man Logan" at all?

What's even weirder is that Fox is planning on replacing Hawkeye with Professor X. Hawkeye and Professor X couldn't be more apart in terms of character and personality, so replacing Hawkeye with him is as odd as odd can get. I really don't know how Fox could have possibly arrived at that idea. 

Fox has done a good job getting "X-Men" back on its feet. They have done such a good job that it will years before Marvel can ever get their hands on it again. But if they try to adapt a half-assed "Old Man Logan," that could serve as a setback. I just can't see how they can possibly adapt this story when so many important characters are over at Disney. But then again, "Civil War" is happening without the Fantastic Four and "Infinity War" is happening without the X-Men, so maybe its not necesarily a dealbreaker.

What does everybody else think?


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