Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Who Played It Best? Steve Jobs

Who Played It Best?

Steve Jobs
I feel it was only a matter of time before movies about Steve Jobs started getting made. He was a brilliant man who was able to create several brilliant things. I don't know what is true and what isn't from both the Steve Jobs movies that I have seen, but I do know that Steve Jobs was a modern genius. We have been lucky (and in some cases unlucky) to have two movies about Steve Jobs made. I am sure that someday, more and more Steve Jobs movie will be made. For right now, we are going to focus on the two most recent films. We have "Jobs" starring Ashton Kutcher and "Steve Jobs" starring Micheal Fassbender. Both actors starred in versions that could not have been more different from each other, and I couldn't be happier because of it. My question remains though, who played it best.

My Two Cents
I kind of feel bad, because this isn't really a competition. There is actually a really good reason why Fassbender got nominated at just about every award show this year. His work as Steve Jobs in the self-titled "Steve Jobs" is remarkable. While Ashton Kutcher's portrayal was not really that great at all. Its not just because Fassbender's movie was better written either. I have liked some of Kutcher's comedic work, and there are some actors who can be both funny and dramatic. I can confidently say that Kutcher is not one of them. His dramatic stuff I think has been the weakest content of his career. I think his portrayal as Steve Jobs in particular is some of the worst acting he's done so far. He is unbelievably miscast here, from just about every single footnote. Fassbender on the other hand, fits Steve Jobs like a glove. The focus, confidence, charisma, intelligence and creativity of Steve Jobs is on full display in the hands of Fassbender, on a level Kutcher could never come close to touching. For me its no contest. Fassbender gets the edge by a mile.

Agree? Disagree? Fire off in the comment section below. You can also email me at to vote as well. I am going to give you a week to vote and we will meet back here next Wednesday night for the results. Since its been awhile, I will have our last session of "Who Played It Best" wrapped up then too. I apologize that I have taken some big breaks in between some of my normal columns, but life happens and I don't do this as a job, I do it as a hobby. I greatly apologize and I thank you for your understanding.

See you next week and don't forget to vote.

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