Tuesday, February 23, 2016

TV REVIEW: Agent Carter (Episodes 8 & 9, Season 2)



Much like last week, tonight's episode of "Agent Carter" was a bit of a double feature. We got two hours back-to-back of the show. What ensued was a two-hour episode that felt like it could have been one episode. I figure they did two weeks of two hours due to "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." coming back in just a couple short weeks, but the need for two hours when it could have easily been one hour still bugs me. I felt the eight episode format worked wonderfully last year, so why not repeat that? What's the need for having ten episodes when two of those hours feel jumbled, slow and attached to other episodes?

Honesty, what was with that dance and song number in the second hour?

Much like last week, the first hour has one story and the second hour has one story, and I think this week does a better job of having the two hours gel together. The first hour deals with Frost using Wilkes to reopen and obtain more zero matter, which somewhat backfires on her. Its Wilkes who ends up getting more zero matter, and Frost plans to take that matter out of Wilkes body. In the second hour, Peggy and her allies make an uneasy alliance with Vernon Masters and Thompson in order to make a machine that will depower and kill Frost. Yes, Vernon allies with the good guys. The power struggle between the two groups however, nearly leads to their demise. 

That's a funny thing about this one-two punch of episodes, there are way too many double-crosses. Thompson joining Peggy, then going back to Vernon then back to Peggy then going his own route never makes a lick of sense. Its never completely explored and its not played out in a way that's clever. Its comes off much more random and seemingly convenient for the plot. Yes, Thompson has never really liked Peggy, but the double-crosses add up to the point where they seem redundant. Especially when its Thompson doing the double-crossing as well as Vernon. The need for Vernon to join the good guys is also never fully explored or makes much sense. With two hours to spare, I kind of wish they fleshed out this part of the story more.

Again like last week, there was so much filler in this episode that having this all last two hours was incredibly redundant. Yes, I understand some of the subplots. I thought it was important to learn that Jarvis' is okay, despite not being able to have children. I liked that subplot. But there is just something about sitting through these two hours that feels like homework more than entertainment. These two hours should capture and keep my attention throughout and I was pretty bored throughout. Which is not good at all. This could have easily been a one episode ordeal, and I think the episode would have benefited greatly from it.

The season finale is next week, and I am eager to see the end of this. I hope to see the first founding of S.H.I.E.L.D. because the history in the movies is beginning to not make sense with the show. Which is another misstep. I wish the shows aligned with the movies a little bit better. I felt like the SSR should have been S.H.I.E.L.D. by now, but its not. I am hoping to see that happen next week.

What did everyone else think?

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