Tuesday, February 16, 2016

TV REVIEW: Agent Carter (Episodes 6 & 7, Season 2)



For this two hour dose of "Agent Carter," the first hour dealt with the planning and execution of a mission. The second hour dealt with the repercussions of that mission.

The first hour saw Agent Carter and her company try to steal a sample of the zero matter so that she can bring Dr. Wilkes back to normal. She finds out that she needs the help of a foe, Dottie Underwood. Carter breaks Dottie out of prison so that she can help extract the zero matter from  Ms. Frost's body. They go to a Calvin Chadwick convention and Dottie goes with Edwin as his date. I have to say that I surprised by the chemistry and charm by the two characters. Everything was very well on point. Edwin has become a really great character on the show, and one of the reasons to keep tuning in each week.

The thing is Frost is starting to really uphold her power. She kills Chadwick and half of his social club in order to prove just how powerful the zero matter is and how she can use it. She wants to become the new leader of this social club. I guess in order to use it to empower those who were oppressed during this era. I think? If there was one idea that was weird about this two-hour event this week, it was the motives behind Frost and what she stands for. In the first hour, she talks about rising in the rank of this social club. But in the second hour, she talks about how she wants to bring greater attention to women, people of color, all of those who were being oppressed at the time. There is nothing worse than a villain with an incoherent plan, and I hope by next week, we have a clear motive for Frost being evil. Sure, she could have been manipulating everyone she comes into contact with, but there is no clear evidence of that. So it just feels a bit off.

The good news is Peggy was able to get a sample of zero matter from Dottie, and she was able to help Dr. Wilkes. Except it meant that Dottie got captured by Frost, who was able to make Dottie spill the beans on Agent Carter better than Vernon Davis could, who is clearly in league with the bad guys now. The second hour had to do with Edwin and Peggy creating a rescue mission to get Dottie back, which in turn gets them captured. But don't worry, they escape. Its just that Frost kidnaps Wilkes, Edwin Jarvis' wife gets shot in the process and Vernon takes over the west coast operations of the SSR. The last hour actually felt kind of sad, and it is finally dawning on me that there is purpose to care about these characters. I will say that these are much higher stakes than we saw last year, which is supremely healthy and I kind of like the direction this is going, even if its a little disjointed at times.

I am actually a little surprised by how mediocre the writing for this show is, since "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." does so well with it. I hope the show can clean up the writing in the future. This two-hour episode could have easily been one hour, but there was lots of filler and lots of situations getting dragged out to the absolute breaking point. Like I said above, the motivations for the bad guys could be a lot more clearer too. If the writing had been slightly better, this week could have really been something. There is plenty of room for good change, and I hope the show takes advantage of it.

What did everyone else think?

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