Tuesday, February 9, 2016

TV REVIEW: Agent Carter (Episode Five, Season Two)



This was a fun episode. Whitney Frost has completely taken control of her powers. So much so that her powers called her to the body left frozen from the first episode. She goes to the body with her husband Chadwick and absorbed some kind of power out of her body. She deduces that she needs to get an atomic bomb in order to get back to the dimension of the zero matter. She wants more power, or something like that. Its not never really clear why she wants to get to more zero matter, but I think the matter itself is starting to get to her head, and she is trying really hard to more power. Peggy Carter and Dr. Wilkes know this because Frost beats them to the body. Wilkes was also felt the power in the dead body from the first episode, it was just a matter of getting to the body first, which they did not pull off.

The rest of the episode was a race to the atomic bombs. Because Chadwick works for Isodyne and the company has atomic bombs, Frost finds it easy to get to the bombs. But Peggy assembles a team to help her stop Frost from obtaining a bomb. This team includes Daniel Sosa, Edwin Jarvis and Leslie Boone. The team is successful infiltrating the bomb warehouse, and Peggy goes one-on-one for the first time against Frost. It wasn't a very good fight, since Frost's powers have keeps her body strong and much more susceptible to pain. Frost nearly kills Peggy, and it was at this point where "Agent Carter" grew some real stakes. It feels like anything can happen, and I hope the show keeps that rhythm. Of course Peggy doesn't die. But the fight with Frost felt very hard earned, and I liked it very much. Leslie Boone stuck out big time this episode. She had some very good humorous moments. She even proved she could fight. I love that they are trying to flesh out some of the background characters from last season. This is something else I hope the show continues.

Daniel Sosa even got some more background fleshed out. At the beginning of the episode, Daniel Sosa asks his nurse girlfriend to marry him, which is actually quite cute as it plays out in the episode. But when Peggy is hurt, its his girlfriends house that they bring Peggy to for treatment. The nurse sees right through it, it is what the audience sees too. Daniel Sosa and Peggy Carter fell in love last season, and they clearly have not gotten over that spark. I don't know if Daniel Sosa will be bringing this girl down the isle. But we knew Peggy was going to marry somebody in S.H.I.E.L.D. and I figured it would be Sosa. No matter what, it was a good episode for Sosa too.

This season is hitting a better stride than last season. It is doing so because they are fleshing out the characters better than last season. But most of all, they are setting up bigger stakes for their characters. I hope this can continue. What did you all think?

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