Monday, February 1, 2016

The VVitch trailer

During my end of the year lists earlier this year, I discussed my distaste for all things found footage. I understand its the new, cheap standard of making horror movies. But they most commonly leave out the most important of items, the horror. Just giving a group of would-be actors a camera and have them jump at nothing is not scary to me. Its not scary to most people, and I think this device is starting to wear thin. Sadly, not everybody thinks the same way I do, as these movies make bank at the box office and more and more of them are made every year.

So its shocking when something like "The Witch" (stylized The VVitch) comes along. 

Its so pedestrian these days to see a horror film that revolves around mood and atmosphere over anything else. But if the word from last year's film festivals are true, we are in for quite a treat with "The Witch." I can't wait to see this movie. I hope its every bit as creepy as these trailers promise.

"The Witch" will be released on February 19th.

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