Tuesday, January 26, 2016

TV REVIEW: "Agent Carter (Episode Three, Season Two)



After learning about zero matter last week and the shady energy corporation Isodyne, Peggy Carter is hot on the trail. She enlists the help of Howard Stark who is oddly making movies at this time. Funny, movie-making never seemed like something in Stark's resume and I figured we would have had more information in the movies. But oh well, so he's making movies when Peggy comes for his help. She is feeling really guilty about Wilkes' death and she wants to know more about the zero matter and how its tied to social club Senator Chadwick belongs to. The symbol for this social club looks similar to the HYDRA variations we saw earlier in the current season of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." and it seems like this social club could be connected to our favorite terrorist organization. We will have to wait and see though. Peggy goes undercover at the club and tries to bug the place, which goes south. This social club has very top-of-the-line technology blocking all bugs.

This stunt gets her thrown off the case by Thompson, and its the second of many examples this episode which explores how bad women had it during this time period. I am glad that this season is really embracing these sexist ideals this season, simply because it was so brushed over last season. I have been kind of bothered by the lack of social and political commentaries by the Marvel movies as a whole, simply because that was so relevant in the comic books. I always harbored the suspicion that being owned by Disney, almost everything that made the world realistic was given a cutesy-poo gloss. Here, this season seems to have the opportunity to really explore the issues that plagued this time period and I hope the season embraces them.

On a brighter note, Peggy seems to be working vigilante style, bristling at the rules and circumstances shes been given. That's no surprise though, and I am also glad to learn that Wilkes is still alive. Whether that is a good omen or a bad omen, I will be interested to see how his character plays out. I liked him in the premier last week. We also got our first great look at Whitney Frost's new powers after surviving her encounter with zero matter. She scares herself almost to death, and it will be cool to see where her character goes from here. Peggy figured out that Frost is connected to Isodyne, which will put her on route to meeting Frost again very soon. This season seems to be moving much faster and at a much better pace then last year, which is a good sign if you ask me.

Oh and the FBI agent Kirkwood Smith plays? Yeah, he's connected to the Chadwick and his social club. So he's probably going to be another villain for the season. We shall see though.

What did everyone else think?

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