Sunday, January 10, 2016

The 2016 Golden Globe Awards

Tonight, I tuned into NBC to watch the 2016 Golden Globe Awards. I like the Golden Globes, I like it because it feels a lot more laid back then say The Emmys or The Academy Awards. The host drinks during his acts, the guests get to eat, desserts and champagne are passed all around. But most of all, I enjoy this ceremony because I have always felt that the Golden Globes always try to give the awards to the nominee that deserves it. Not because the nominee fits into some kind of campaign or some political or social agenda. The Academy Award ceremony last year was particularly hard to watch. I could not figure out if I was watching an award show for movies or a goddamn political campaign. I don't put too much stock into awards in general. I don't need a bunch of Hollywood snobs telling me what the best of what was. But I do still enjoy seeing who wins, its all careless fun to me. I like to predict winners with friends and family, just to see how close we get. But I won't automatically hate a movie I loved just because it didn't win an award. So when an award ceremony goes out of its way to shove its social agenda down my throat, it irritates the shit out of me. But that often never happens at the Golden Globes, which is why I enjoy them the most.

Even though they can make some horrible decisions, which we will get to in a minute here.

I thought Ricky Gervais did a good job as the host tonight. I love how daring the hosting job of the Golden Globes can be, and Gervais certainly embraced that. I feel Seth MacFarland would have been much more at home hosting the Golden Globes instead of the Oscars, but that's just my opinion. I had a good time watching Ricky with the show, he had some very funny moments in the night. I particularly couldn't help but snicker inappropriately when he made that "Spotlight"and Roman Polanski joke, that was particularly feel-bad highlight. But following up the two-year run of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler can be hard, and Ricky Gervais made it so effortless. Oh and in case any of you were wondering, that joke Gervais told Mel Gibson was "What the fuck does sugar tits even mean?" Yep. What a guy.

The big highlights of the night for me were Denzel Washington taking the Cecil B. DeMille award, the most prestigious of all Golden Globe awards. Which grants the excellence and prosperity of the winner. I will have much more about this tomorrow, because this was my favorite moment of the night. You see, Denzel Washington is my favorite actor of all time. I have watched his career closely ever since I met him and now its been far too overdue that he get some profound recognition for his work. Its an honorable achievement for this man, and I am proud of him. I also enjoyed Leonardo DiCaprio winning for "The Revenant." I am willing to bet big money now that he will be winning the Oscar in a month or so. Deservedly so. I was glad Ridley Scott and Matt Damon both got awards for "The Martian," and I still can't believe how hugely ignored the movie was during the end of the year recognition. I love the movie and I can't wait to own on blu-ray. I must say that I agree with Ridley Scott though, "The Martian" a comedy? Eeehhh. I am supremely proud of Alejandro G. Inarritu got the award for best director two years in a row. It just goes to show just how right he got it and yes, that is still very hard to do two years in a row. "The Revenant" is a massive achievement, and I really hope you all get out and see this movie now that it has received its major release. I loved Brie Larson winning for "Room." But I also loved Sylvester Stallone winning for "Creed." Its always nice to see an underdog get a win. I feel that feeling was felt by everybody as Stallone got a standing ovation when he was called to the stage. I got a big laugh at the Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as the Revenant bear act. I also very much appreciated that the TV section of the show was presented by...actors of television, which I felt was missing drastically last year.

Things I couldn't stand this year...Lady Gaga winning any sort of award for her work in "American Horror Story: Hotel." Don't get me wrong, I do like "American Horror Story," but "Hotel" has been a rough sit for me. In my opinion it has been one of its lowest quality seasons, and I think Lady Gaga makes it very hard to tune in each week. There is nothing in her performance that screams award material and I think she has a long way to go before she can prove that she is a capable actress. Seriously, her win baffled me. But it baffled her too, so I guess I am not alone. Did anybody else notice that Lady Gaga was watching were she was going and she bumped into Leonardo DiCaprio?

That was kind of funny.

I also have a question for the Golden Bond songs get a free pass at your ceremony? Look, I can understand why Adele won back in 2013, but that was one hell of a Bond song. She deserved everything she got that year. But Sam Smith winning for his song in "Spectre?" Why exactly? That was not a good song, in fact, it was the worst Bond song of the last decade. How did he win over wiz Khalifa. No love for Paul Walker? Come on, Golden Globes! My feelings about this have nothing to do with my feelings toward the movie. It actually makes sense that the worst Bond song in a long time would be attached to the worst Bond movie in a long time. But giving the song a Golden Globe? That better not happen at the Oscars.

But I regress. There are some TV miniseries' that I want to check out. I was glad Ennio Morricone won best original score for "The Hateful Eight," and I also liked Quentin Tarantino's fanboy acceptance speech for it. Overall, I had a good time with the ceremony. 

What did you all think?

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