Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Its Us Review

Its Us Review
Relationships can cause much happiness and togetherness for those who are in them and at the same time they can cause lots of frustration and resentment. Sometimes they get to the point where the couple in question wonders if they are really compatible with each other. They wonder if  they can really let this work and if not, how long do they keep trying? 

"Its Us" has a fantastic opening sequence. As Joe (Colin Thompson) and Eliza (Eliza Coupe) are coming home from some kind of unnamed convention. They talk about it, and why it frustrates Joe in the first place and that leads to a heated debate, which leads to a heated argument. The argument eventually gets physical and they hurt each other. This fight spills over into the next day, as nobody really said sorry. There is a moment before the morning when the couple get back into their car after their fight and its just silence all the way home. Now, I have never physically assaulted any girl I was dating and no girl for that matter. But other than that, I can relate to this. If you've ever been in a serious relationship, I bet you can relate. How a frustration can lead to an argument and that argument leads to fight and that fight leads to silence. Its amazing how sometimes the best thing to do is just shut up and let the silence do the dealing. 

The thing is, that won't work for this couple. They say themselves that they bring the worst out of each other. They are trying so hard to piece themselves together, and they think its just the city they live in. Los Angeles. Joe works as an agent, and his job brings lots of stress in his life, stress that he brings home. Can they repair themselves if they simply leave LA and everything they have created there? They try it, they go all the way to Vermont. While it is a welcomed change for the first few weeks, things begin to fall into their old ways, and new secrets are revealed.

Its refreshing to see a romantic comedy that isn't totally lovely-dovey. This is a realistic romantic comedy. This is a movie that deals with real issues that can plague a couple. Fighting too much, wondering what the solution is. delegating what brings stress and anxiety to their lives. It all felt very real and sincere. The movie was also written and directed by Colin Thompson and it is a smart and creative outlook when a couple reaches the moment that they question if they can possibly work. The work by Colin Thompson and Eliza Coupe is so authentic, so grounded, so willfully created that its hard not to be drawn into their story. They both give outstanding performances that further elevate the material.

I will say that even though the movie is 88 minutes long, it feels awfully long at points. Its the big misstep I feel Thompson makes, stopping cold in the middle of this war of wills between this couple deeming they are in love. There are just some moments where things kind move in slow motion, and you can feel the time press by. Still, so much of this works in a big way, and I was shocked how much this one stuck with me.


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