Friday, December 11, 2015

X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer

Ahhh, what a good month it has been. We got trailers for both "Captain America: Civil War" and "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice." These are two fantastic looking trailers and I am absolutely rabid for both movies. Now, we turn to another dimension of Marvel, one that uses the Fox label. Today we were blessed with the first trailer for "X-Men: Apocalypse."

2016 can get here and take my money any time now.

This movie has been met with lots of hostility ever since the first official images were released. While I agree that Apocalypse looks nothing like he did in the comics, is that REALLY a deal breaker? We have Oscar Issac playing the guy for crying out loud. It looks like Issac is really going to kill the role. This is a fascinating time for Issac as an actor, and I can't wait to see the doors that open for him in the next couple years. Now, that the trailer has finally hit, everybody bitches that there is no Wolverine. Even though Wolverine wasn't one of the first X-Men and "First Class" did just fine with Hugh Jackman in a cameo. If we refer to the "Captain America: Civil War" trailer, we didn't see Baron Zemo nor Martin Freeman nor Spider-Man. So are we just to assume they aren't going to show up? Wolverine could still be in the movie, we just haven't seen him yet. I also pity the fools who think X-Men can't operate without Wolverine, because they can. The team has shifted probably more times then The Avengers have. There are plenty of characters just as cool as Wolverine that they can tinker around and play with.

So relax and enjoy the ride. I have enjoyed "First Class" and "Days of Future Past" and being the huge X-Men fan that I am, I smell another winner coming our way.

You can check out the trailer right here.

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