Monday, December 7, 2015

TV REVIEW: "Fargo" (Season Two, Episode Nine)



While tonight's episode of "Fargo" was awesome, it was a huge bloodbath.

Who died? Well, you should probably ask whose still alive.

The entire Gerhardt crew is dead. Mama Gerhardt is dead. Bear Gerhardt is dead. Sheriff Hank Larsson almost died. The only ones who are still alive are Lou Solverson, The Blumquists, Mike Miligan, and Hanzee Dent. This is going to be leading up to one epic finale, I can already feel it. Why was tonight's episode so full of death? Well the Blumquists were brought into police custody after the events of last episode. Dodd Gerhardt found where the Blumquists were hiding, and even though Hanzee showed up and killed Dodd, the police found the cabin where it all happened. Lou felt that the Blumquists should make a deal for witness protection, but the other high-ranking officers think they should do time. The argument heats up and Lou is forced out, and the Blumquists are escorted back to the city. They have to stop at a motel for the night. While the Blumquists are planning an escape, the Gerhardts show up to finally get there revenge.

One thing that made me really happy about tonight's episode, was that Martin Freeman was narrating the entire episode. For those of you who missed the first season, Martin Freeman was one of the main characters of the first season. So for him to narrate this episode was pretty funny and appropriate. There were only key moments where the narration was needed, but it was no doubt Freeman and fans of the first season I am sure got a smile out of that.

But the big fight between the police and the Gergardts was pretty cool. It was gritty and realistic and very well staged. Lou and Bear have a big showdown, and it looks like Lou is going to die. But then the UFO's show up again. They were a big part of the first episode and they have only been merely hinted at in other episodes, but they show up again and Lou takes the opportunity to kill Bear. The UFO ship only shows up for about five or so minutes, but then its gone again. The ship just kind of hovers in the sky. What do the UFO's mean? Will we find out in the season finale next week?

What will also be interesting next week is seeing the arc of Hanzee. He randomly turned on the Gerhardts. He was the one who killed Mama Gerhardt. But he also killed several police and almost killed Hank. Why is he all of a sudden on his own? The narrator suggests that its because the Blumquists saw him vulnerable, but I am not sure that is it? I hope we find out next week. I also hope we also find out what killed Lou's wife. She mysteriously fell over dead, or at least I think she's dead. Its not really confirmed. I hope to find out more next week.

But tonight was explosive. I can't wait to see how it winds down. What did everyone else think?

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