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After last week's crazy episode, we had Fitz, Ward and some HYDRA guys on the planet Maveth, with Coulson close behind. We had all of our other favorite S.H.I.E.L.D. agents lead by Mack, trying to figure out how to get their friends back and not let HYDRA bring back The Creature. The Creature was apparently the first person to start HYDRA, and the evil organization has been building an army of Inhumans for it to lead once he returns. The HYDRA base is very well fortified and they bring their army of Inhumans to the base, which includes Andrew Garner. The pieces are set for one wild episode, and it only gets crazier as it went along.

While Fitz and HYDRA were on Maveth, he found Will. He knows how much Will means to Jemma and he is focused on bringing him back as well. I liked that the characters this season feel very reasonable and human, and you can relate to all of their feelings. Fitz is able to persuade Ward to keep Will around, all the while Coulson is going around looking for them. Meanwhile, Bobbi, Hunter, Mack, Daisy, Lincoln, Joey and May are all kicking HYDRA's ass on the ground. and Jemma is able to escape her HYDRA captors through all the chaos. She frees Garner and he goes on a HYDRA killing spree. With the other Inhumans at the HYDRA base, I figured S.H.I.E.L.D. would bring some of these Inhumans back with them and we'd finally start seeing more of the team Coulson asked Daisy to build. Sadly, Garner kills all of them. That kind of made me sad, I think it was an opportunity that they lost. I hope we really see more of that on the next half of this season, because I love the idea of seeing the Secret Warriors onscreen.

Eventually, Will and Fitz escape HYDRA custody. Coulson killed all of Ward's subordinates and even shoots Ward twice. I was hoping we would finally see the death of Ward. And we get it! Finally! Kind of. You see, Will isn't really Will. He's The Creature, the Inhuman HYDRA leader. He apparently took over Will's body once he died saving Jemma. Fitz was able to successfully stop it from entering the portal back to Earth, while Coulson crushes Ward's ribs. We think Ward is finally dead. Except The Creature isn't dead, and guess whose body he possesses next?

Man, I guess we just can't get rid of him.

Tonight's episode was big and action-packed. Exactly what a mid-season finale SHOULD look like (I am looking at you, Walking Dead-season six). With Ward back on Earth as the creature, I assume HYDRA will find some bad Inhumans for him to lead. I wonder what Garner will be up to since he's now on the run and what all of this will mean for this new S.H.I.E.L.D. team. Jemma seems pretty upset with a Will-less reunion, but I am sure she'll understand that he was evil incarnate. I am very much looking forward to spring time. What did everyone else think? 

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