Tuesday, December 1, 2015

TV REVIEW: AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season three, episode nine)



Tonight's episode of  "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." was called "Closure." Even though it was a word used at a very important time in tonight's episode, I thought it would mean we would finally see the death of Grant Ward. There are several who think that he will never die, and that he win continue to be a thorn in Coulson's side for as long as the show lasts, but I disagree. He was quickly losing my interest when the show didn't know what to do with him for most of last season. Then they finally gave him a good angle to play during last season's finale. But that angle can only go so far, in my opinion. I have it lingering in my head that Ward won't make it passed this season, and they way things were playing out, I thought his time was up tonight.

But he didn't die, Rosalind Price died tonight. At the hands of Ward ironically. Sadly, Price's right-hand man Agent Banks bit it in tonight's episode as well thanks to the Iron Chef being on this show now. Too bad, now that Price and Banks were on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s side, I was hoping that at least Banks would become a series regular or maybe a reoccurring role. Andrew Howard is one of those actors who does overly excellent character actor work and I wish his character had more shelf life. I could totally envision him sitting nicely next to the likes of May or Daisy or Hunter. But mostly tonight, HYDRA had the upper hand. Not only did they kill Price and Banks, they kidnapped Leo Fitz and Jemma in order to force them to help HYDRA open a portal back to Maveth, the planet Jemma was exiled on at the beginning of the season. Ward was all too happy to torture our starcrossed duo. 

While this was happening, Coulson had his team heading toward's Ward in order to kill him and save Fitz and Jemma. They tracked Ward using a questionable action involving Ward's younger brother. It was pretty cool to see Coulson is beast mode and it made the experience that much cooler. Coulson isn't taking any prisoners now, and he seems like he willing to do anything and everything to get Ward buried in the ground. It seems he found a real connection with Rosalind Price and he is willing to get Ward back and harsh. I love seeing him like this. 

What was crazy about tonight's episode is just how excitingly paced it was. All of this was going on and the hour flew by. This was an episode that screamed for a second hour of action, especially after that huge ending. The ending saw Coulson fly into the portal leading to Maveth, right after Fitz, Ward and several HYDRA operatives already stepped through. Yep, Coulson is on Maveth with HYDRA and looking for Fitz. And Coulson's allies are coming to storm this HYDRA base. Its the worst place to end an episode, but that's also the point. To leave us begging for more.

Next week is the winter finale, and its nuts how fast this season's first half has flown by. I am loving it though, are you?

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