Wednesday, December 2, 2015

New "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice" trailer

Well, is "Jimmy Kimmel Live" becoming an Mecca of superhero fandom?

Ben Affleck came on the show tonight, and he delivered a new trailer for "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice." Honestly, it didn't really feel like a trailer at all, just several clips of the movie strung together. That didn't really bother me, as it was some pretty stellar imagery. 

The trailer began with Bruce Wayne (Affleck) driving to a party and we see Superman (Henry Cavill) in his Clark Kent garb, Kent is trying to get a story for the Daily Planet. A story about a bat vigilante who is roaring through Gotham. Wayne seems unimpressed with Kent's judgement and fires back at all the damage Superman did in Metropolis. It seems that Wayne will really be scared by the fight between Superman and Zod in "Man of Steel," and the two quickly fall at odds with each other. I smiled when Wayne mentioned how he has had enough of "people dressing up as clowns" especially when it was coupled of the scene of him looking over Robin's old suit with that Joker message on it. Just as the argument hits its climax, Jesse Eisenberg jumps in the scene as Lex Luthor. Even though I liked Eisenberg in this scene, I still don't know if I fully buy him as Luthor yet. Don't get me wrong, I liked his douchey, eccentric style and he hit a couple fun jokes. But we don't see too much of him yet, so I am still at odds with him in the character.

I also want to say right now, that anybody who keeps criticizing DC for being "dark" and "moody" need to quiet down now. There were pockets of humor in this trailer, and while I wouldn't call it a Marvel rip-off, they felt perfectly timed and hit each time. I am also not entirely sure just how realistic this DC Universe of movies is going to actually be. Telling from what I saw tonight, it looks like they will really be embracing the comics. I am actually a little surprised by how much was revealed in the trailer. Because they basically just confirmed that Lex Luthor will use General Zod's dead body to create Doomsday. At least it looks like Doomsday, and it acts like Doomsday. I willing to bet big money that this big monster at the end of the trailer will go by Doomsday. Call it a hunch, but I was taken aback by all the reveals.

There were lots of shots of Batman and Superman fighting. There were a couple more quick shots of that beach fight, that still remains mysterious. What further confuses this beach fight is there seem to be people flying in the sky. Are they bat drones? Or are they actually going to fight angels in this movie? Too early to tell, but this scene alone has me anticipating the movie that much more. 

Oh, and as that Doomsday guy shoots lasers from his eyes, and it looks like Batman is about to die. A shield saves him, and behind the shield is Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). She doesn't speak but she looks great. I think Gadot always looked great, but I think she will finally shut all the haters up.

"Is she with you?" asks Batman

"I thought she was with you" says Superman. 

And then DC's big three strike a pose.

After all of that, all I can say is, 2016 just get here already and take my money. 

If somehow Jimmy Kimmel has footage next week of "X-Men: Apocalypse" and its just as great as the footage from tonight and the "Civil War" footage from last week, I just might die.

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