Sunday, December 13, 2015

Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer

Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer
I saw "Independence Day" when I was about 5 years old. I remember being wildly obsessed with the movie before it was released, and well after I saw it. I got all the toys I could from the movie. I bought toys from the movie for friends for birthday parties even though I didn't know for sure if they'd seen it or not. When I got the movie on VHS, I watched on Saturday mornings instead of cartoons. I loved the movie growing up. I was completely fascinated by it. I already believed that aliens existed growing up, and I loved just about anything science fiction, but this movie did something to me. I loved every minute of it. As I have grown up, I still love the movie a lot. Yes, its kind of cheesy and the plot is kind of crazy, but I still enjoy it for what it was.

That doesn't mean I automatically want a sequel. In fact, it feels weird to make a sequel twenty years later. Why are they doing it now? The movie was a box office hit in 1996, why didn't they make a sequel then.

The movie brings Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Vivica A. Fox, and Judd Hirsch back to the action. Newcomers include Liam Hemsworth, Charolette Gainsbourg, Sela Ward and William Fitchner. Brett Spiner, whose character died in the first movie returns for the sequel, so at least that will be interesting. New actors Jessie Usher will play Dylan from the first movie, and Maika Monroe will play Whitmore's daughter. Why couldn't the original actors portray those characters? Who knows. I wish they could have got Adam Baldwin to return for this. And even though I thought I'd like Will Smith out of the picture, it seems kind of weird without him.

But the trailer has got me feeling rather nostalgic, and that is what will drive me to the theater opening weekend: nostalgia. In fact, the movie itself seems to be driven by nostalgia, as the trailer leans heavy on the rallying speech Pullman's character made in the first movie. But while I am excited for nostalgic purposes, this looks like just a bigger version of  the first movie. I don't know how much hope I have in loving the movie, but I hope I can at least like the movie.

Also visit if you are a huge fan of the movie. It fills in the gaps between 1996 and today, and you'll even learn the whereabouts of Will Smith's Capt. Steven Hiller.

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