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Tonight's season finale of "Minority Report" feels more like a fan fiction than an actual continuation of the story that was left off from the 2002 movie. More than ever before, this show is nothing compared to the movie, nor does it really care to connect to the movie in even the most fundamental of ways. In the movie Agatha was the strongest PreCog, and now on the drop of a dime, it is revealed that Dash is the strongest PreCog. Why? I don't know. I guess because the show has been following him all along instead of Agatha. This Agatha in this story doesn't feel anything like the Agatha from the movie and if they tried a little harder to connect her to the movie, I would have cared about this show a little bit more. At the beginning of tonight's episode, we got a flashback of how Wally joined Precrime. It was completely un-needed and didn't illuminate ANYTHING in this finale, I guess the show just wanted to show us how Wally got into the Precrime business. But the PreCogs we see in this flashback doesn't match how they were described growing up in the movie. All of this begs the question, did the TV show creators watch the movie?

The season finale itself made little sense. As I stated last week, it feels like the show tried to do way too little and way too late. Maybe the show would have benefited from not cutting three episodes off of its first season, but if they didn't want that, they should have made a better show. Perhaps the Memento Mori terrorist group should have been introduced in the first episode instead of the second-to-last episode. Maybe the story could have benefited from doing more with Reed Diamonds character and how shady government workers are trying to revive and sell the PreCogs to the highest bidder. These could have been good potential stories for a first season. But the show was so focused on being a police show with a gimmick that it didn't trust the stories it should have been telling. There were moments of potential all over this first season, and the showrunners squandered those moments at every turn. They should have decided to be a police show or something more. Once they made that decision, they should have chose something more.

Because they couldn't decide what they wanted their show to be about, the ending finale is a jumbled mess of two different ideas. They wanted to tell the Memento Mori story, but they had to brush it under the rug so quickly for the big reveal at the end of the episode that it feels like a total wash. Why even put these terrorists at all? There story goes nowhere and they aren't interesting enough to see more of in a future season. They could have told a better story about government using the PreCogs and the potential harm that could cause, but since the first half of the episode is dedicated to an evil organization, the shadowy figures seem half-assed as well. All of it leading to an uneventful finale where it feel like nothing is accomplished and no tensions are created.

With all of that tied into what appears to be a stupid fan-fiction, equalled a show I wish I could have liked, but ultimately I couldn't give my heart to. It seems unlikely to me that this will get a second season, but if it does, I am having a hard time seeing myself returning to watch it. There are some other cool movie-related shows I am having a blast watching, and I think next year, I will turn my attention to those. I gave "Minority Report" ten tries to win me over, and it just couldn't.

What did everyone else think?

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