Monday, November 16, 2015

TV REVIEW: "Minority Report (Episode Eight, Season Two)



I completely misjudged tonight's episode of "Minority Report." I thought it was going to revolve around something I noticed in the beginning of the episode. It was another throwback to the 2002 movie. We watch as a man is being arrested for the future murder of her wife, and it is a complete teleplay of the opening of the 2002 movie. I figured tonight's episode would be nothing more than just a case revolving around this opening scene.

It turns out in that case in which the father got arrested, that the stepson of the almost murdered wife was present during the arrest. The stepson would grow up to be none other than Will Blake, Vega's boss. In tonight's episode, Blake figures out why Vega has been on such a hot streak lately, he finds out that Dash is a former PreCog. What was funny is that Blake's reaction was exactly how I figured it would be. The show tried very hard to set Blake up as a side villain, somebody who would try to be a thorn in the side of Vega after finding out Dash was a PreCog. What happens is Blake allows Dash to escape police questioning and Blake, Vega and Dash all catch this week's monster. They paint it in a big broad canvass of obvious. 

This is what is driving me nuts about this show. They have so many opportunities to add some much needed tension and drama to the show, and they drop it before they know what to do with it. Blake's past could have made a very good subplot for the show and playing with Blake's feelings towards the use of PreCogs would have been equally interesting, but the show wastes any of that in one episode. This further explains my feelings of the show, it doesn't want to be anything more than a police show with a gimmick, and it hints more and more that it could be much better than that.

Some highlights was a crazy killing near the end of the episode when a miniature drone helicopter flew into a bad guys face. Honestly, didn't expect that kind of violence on this show. Blake also finds out the truth about Arthur being a PreCog too, and the exchange between the two was slightly amusing, but nothing more.

What did the rest of you think?

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  1. i thought they handled the blake part pretty well. most viewers don't like him so making him be the reason that agatha's vision comes true would be a bad idea. also vega explained to him everything that would happen if he revealed the truth so i think it makes it better because now they clearly defined who is on the team & who "the bad guys" are.