Monday, November 16, 2015

TV REVIEW: "Fargo" (Season Two, Episode Six)



Things are getting bloody, and while death looms around each corner in this show, it still led to some big drama.

The show has been teasing a moment between Ted Danson's Sherriff Hank Larsson and Jeffrey Donovan's Dodd Gerhardt. Dodd brought a group of Gerhardt's to the Blumquist residents. Ed Blumquist wasn't there, and yes he really wasn't there, he was taken the local sheriff department for questioning, Solverson is closing in on them and he has all the evidence he needs. But its more than just finding the killer of Rye Gerhardt, he is trying to protect the Blumquists from getting killed by the Gerhardt's, who are ready to kill the Blumquists and whomever stands in their way. Dodd does not believe that Ed is away, and he is ready to kill him. Which leads to the scene between Larsson and Dodd. Its a magnificent scene. There is absolutely nothing better than watching two mighty actors bounce off of each other. I have to admit, I thought Danson would be done after tonight, but he merely gets knocked out. Dodd and a couple of his subordinates enter the Blumquist residence, and I have to admit, I didn't expect Peggy to be such a badass at taking care of herself, but "Fargo" is a show that is always full of surprises.

Dodd sends Bear Gerhardt to the police station, and while he's on his way, Solverson is talking to Ed. He's hoping to get him to testify, which is proven to be very hard. Ed doesn't believe just how much his life is on the line, and there is another tense scene when Bear shows up and has a stand off with Solverson. Again, its just a great example of wonderful acting. Its amazing how much tension is created in this scenes. They are wonderfully written and wickedly clever and work each and every time.

Ed asks Solverson for lawyer, and the lawyer the police department gives Ed is Karl Weathers. Weathers is the character played by Nick Offerman, whose been mostly in the background the whole season. As I have stated, each episode breaks out a certain character, and tonight's episode belonged to Offerman. If you've seen any of his movies, if you've seen his stand-up, if you ever cared to watch "Parks and Recreation," you know how good Offerman is. He's great here, oh he is great here. He shares a particularly great scene between Angus Sampson, who plays Bear Gerhardt. This season has been built on the exchanges between the characters and each episode it is a wild highlight.

Other great moments of tonight's episode includes a particularly brutal shootout between the Kansas City Mob and the Gerhardt house. Yep, the war is still waging, and it looks like things are going to continue to get ugly. I love how certain parallels have been echoing throughout the entire season, and tonight Ed Blumquist brings up the myth of Sisyphus, which put a smile on my face.

We have four episodes left, and it looks like things are going to be pretty crazy. I can't wait. What did everyone else think?

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